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When the Rule of Law Is Perverted Into The Rule of the Powerful When the Rule of Law Is Perverted Into The Rule of the Powerful
by Leah Sellers
2020-02-03 08:45:55
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In a not too Distant seeming Tragic UnReality made Reality…….

“Hey Vlad ! So glad you came by to Congratulate me at my Pussy Cat Grabbin’ Pad !”

“Dah ! Dah ! Glad tidings, Donald. I have long appreciated America’s White House. And, now, you are the Man of the Dour, Sour Hour !” Vlad sniggered delightedly.

impea01_400“You bet I am ! I’m off the Hook ! Thanks to Speaker McConnell, and all of my Republican lemmings, cronies and henchmen. No Witnesses ! No Evidence ! No more Trial !  So much for those Losers who Impeach me !”

“I, Donald Jaybird Trumpty, am King of America ! Very literally speaking, I must say !” Donald said with a churlish wink and a nod.

“Yes, Donald, luckily for me, I mean for you, America is no longer a Nation under a Moral and Ethical Rule of Law for One and All. Now the Rich and Powerful, like yourself, are Above the Law, and can truly run over the Middle Class and Working Poor and our, I mean your Opponents without looking over our, I mean, your shoulders, my friend.” Vlad said amicably.

“You are the Oligarchic-Monarchic King of America ! You are the Dictator-King ! You can Do Anything to Anyone for Whatever Reason at Anytime with no fear of Legal or any other kind of Consequence !”

“You, Donald, can command all Trials to have No Witnesses and No Evidence, and you can walk away with a shrug, and a shove against your Accusers.”

“And Powerful men and women, like us, I mean like you, can do the same in our, I mean your, the Dictator-King’s name. We, I mean You, can do anything under your Constitution’s Article 2, because We, I mean you, and our, I mean your Lawyers and your DOJ’s Bill Barr, and your Speaker McConnell and all of your Republicans, except for perhaps Romney and Collins, say you can !”

“No more tedious and cumbersome Checks and Balances on your Almighty Power ! You, Donald, are a True Dictator-King !”

“As you Rise, the great American Democratic Republic dies !” Vlad, the Glad said smiling with a cynical glint in his cool eyes.

“Imagine it, Donald, hypothetically speaking, I could mug a Working Stiff much like you and me.  A Peasant, brutally breaking his bones, and future dreams, and then rob him blind on a busy street full of Witnesses and covered with Evidence.”

“The Police could catch me, but let’s say I am the City Mayor’s Son, and the Judge of my Trial is the Mayor’s Golfing Buddy.”

“My Lawyer could say - ‘No Fair Trial will take place with Witnesses and Evidence   None of it is necessary !  None of it will be allowed !  And the gentleman I mugged and badly beat could argue about the Rule of Law, and Fair Trials being dependent upon Witnesses and Evidence.”

“And I would point to your Impeachment’s Senatorial Constitutional Precedence set into print for the Legal and Political Histories and say, “But Donald Jaybird Trumpty is my Precedent. He got away with an UnFair Trial, a pseudo-Kangaroo Court, with No Witnesses and No Evidence, and got away with it unscathed, and with the permission and help of America‘s Republican Senatorial Law Makers. And so can I, because my make believe Mayoral Father is a Rich, Powerful, Political man, who can stick it to the Judge, and the Police, and your Lawyer, and even You, Anytime and Anywhere he and I want to !”

“So have at it ! So waste your meager, underpaid, hourly wages ! Spend away until your cows come home as dry as bones ! Ha !” Vlad said jubilantly.

Calming his exuberance, Vlad said matter-of-factly, “Your Republican lemmings, cronies and henchmen stood firm against Most Facts, All Truth and All Law and Order- Rule of Law Justice, Donald.  And they, and FOX and your Radio Air-wave Friends are good at Excusing themselves and you from the InExcusable. You should be proud of them."

“I’m a Con Man-Business Man, Vlad. I expect fealty and to be able to manipulate it to my advantage. It’s second-nature with me,” Donald bragged good-naturedly.

“We have only one thing to fear, Donald. Your American We the People’s coming Together and Rising against such forces as you and I in Unity. They could make you just a glitch - a hitchy-stitch in nano-time.”

“Ah, I’ve got ‘em good and Divided. Good and Fractured, and Dis-tracted and Retro-Active. Between me, and your lyin’ Putin-bots, and our toxic vodka toddies, and squishy Turkish delights, and fishy Arabian Nights, and slippery Banana Republic suds ’n buds, and dis-easing Chinese King Pao takeouts they’re no match for the Above the Law, because We Are the Law, ultra Rich and Powerful Bully Boy Caucasian likes of me and you, Vlad,” Donald answered off-handedly.

"If that is true, then I have succeeded !” Vlad said suddenly. “At last ! It has been many years of planning, and now I can truly rest in peace,” Vlad said with relief. “Shall we have a Big Mac with Cheese, and a glass of champagne to celebrate our, I mean, your Win, Win, Win, our, I mean your Majesty ?!”

“Make that two with large fries, and you’ve got a Full Meal Deal, Vlad. Lead the way, My Man !”

“I always do, Donald. When allowed, I always will.”


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