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The ICC and the Palestinian probe The ICC and the Palestinian probe
by Joseph Gatt
2020-02-04 09:18:10
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There's no clear definition of what diplomacy means. But the word “diplomacy” is usually understood as being “the pursuit of politics through non-violent means.”

Namely, diplomacy means discussion, arbitration, trade, exchanges with foreign nations through non-violent, non-coercive, peaceful means.

The UN charter has it that to be a member of the UN, thus to have the right to statehood, any state must adhere to and commit to the pursuit of diplomacy, that is of politics which are based on non-violence and on giving the priority to dialogue, discussion, negotiation, debate if necessary, with foreign parties.

diplom01_400The Palestinian authority, in its constitution, refuses the carry out politics through peaceful means, namely with the Israelis. This very refusal to refuse peaceful dialogue in the very nature of the Palestinian authority is the reason why Palestine is not granted statehood.

So the general consensus is that Palestinians have to negotiate peacefully with the Israelis, have to make it clear that they are pursuing peaceful means in its relations with Israel, before they can be granted statehood. In diplomacy, violence should be the very last resort, which is a platform the Palestinians don't adhere to.

But because the Palestinians are sly and cunning, they try to use propaganda to circumvent their lack of adherence to diplomatic means of solving conflicts. Palestinian and pro-Palestinian media portrays the Jews, and the Israelis, as a brutal force of occupation, a colonial force, a force that controls foreign governments, global finance, the global media and global business.

The word in the Palestinian streets is that Jews invented baby formula because they want to destroy non-Jewish mothers (tell that to working mothers or to mothers in general) and that the Jews invented cell phones so they can spy on the rest of the world (then why do some Palestinians keep yelling on the phone and keep obsessively calling dozens of people asking for loans, lying pathologically about needing the loan for a lucrative construction project when they need it the money vacation in Paris, and have no clear intention of repaying the loan.) I digress.

So Palestinian propaganda, with the help of the “Jewish controlled” media, has it that Bibi Netanyahu is the world's Godfather, or that perhaps the Rothschild family are the Godfathers who own your bank account.

Now Palestine wants to sue Israel at the ICC for “war crimes” in the form of “occupation.” The very reason non-UN member states are not allowed to petition the ICC is because (I insist on this) they do not pursue diplomacy, that is politics with foreign states through peaceful means.

So the UN, through successive resolutions, has insisted that the Palestinians must negotiate with the Israelis, and that those negotiations must lead to the Palestinians adopting a clear “diplomatic” approach to its foreign policy, that is appointing diplomats to discuss every day issues with the Israelis, not machine gun and missile-carrying monsters to negotiate with the Israelis. Diplomacy means table discussions, not missiles and other attacks.

Right now, Palestinian diplomatic efforts have focused on trying to get the rest of the world to rally against the very existence of the State of Israel. That is the Palestinian ministry of foreign affairs (if you want to call it that) spends most of its efforts either collecting aid money (which they either embezzle or use to buy weapons) or trying to get the rest of the world to break ties with Israel, to isolate Israel, and to eventually wipe the Israeli state off the map.

I, as an Israeli, have this personal view that I don't mind a Palestinian state, as long as it is willing to adopt “diplomacy” as its foreign policy guide, not “war mongering” or “the liberation of Palestine” through violent means. This is the position the UN adopts, this is the position the international community tends to adopt.

And even in the Arab world this position is prevalent. The Berbers and Kurds tend to side with Israel. Despite often harboring mild anti-Semitic views, the Berbers and the Kurds tend to side with Israel because they understand Arab nations often repress minorities, and don't welcome anyone who is not an Arab or a Muslim. Arab Christians have long expressed mild support to Israel, despite mild anti-Semitic view, understand that Arabs want all minorities out. And the Arab world understands that Israel is a partner for peace, for security, for defense, for technology, for agriculture, for industry, for economic growth, and is not some secret evil force that invents baby formula to make millions of dollars when mothers could breast feed for free. They understand that nannies and baby sitters can't always breast feed.

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