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This is Not Dresden* This is Not Dresden*
by David Sparenberg
2020-01-21 08:47:15
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dres001_400Just when we were about to give up hope… No—stop!  This is not correct.  We had already lost all hope.  So, after we had lost all hope, the rain came and put out the fires of apocalypse.   Massive clouds of steam and smoke billowed across desolate, char-barren land.

In trauma-shock, survivors stood drenched in the pounding downpour and prayed.  Better to live haunted by mammalian apparitions of befouled mist and the threat of flood, than incineration by flame!

This cataclysmic event is carved deep into collective memory. We can never forget.

*Title reference is to the bombing o Dresden late in WWII, where the intensity of a resulting fire storm created its own weather inside the orchestrated inferno.  The intensity of fires in Australia is also creating its own weather.


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