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The evolution of Western politics The evolution of Western politics
by Joseph Gatt
2020-01-21 08:45:46
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20 years ago the general consensus in Europe, North America and other countries was that:

-Social welfare is good (because it helps the poor, reduces crime, creates social cohesion)

politi01_400-Free international trade is good (because it provides better choices for consumers, and improves product quality because of wider competition).

-Immigration is good (because it compensates for a “labor shortage” and helps “repopulate” in the face of falling birth rates).

These are the platforms that Conservatives and Liberals, Republicans and Democrats, Right-wing and left-wing ran on. The rest was politicians trying to come up with the best debate punchline that would be played on replay by the media so they could get more votes.

20 years on. 2019. Europe, North America and other countries are now looking at parties that dislike social welfare, dislike free international trade, and dislike immigration.

What many countries have done was dig up people in the “younger” generation who still believe in social welfare, free international trade and immigration. Playing the younger generation card was a last-ditch effort to save the international world order.

If that generation fails, we will have two competing blocks in politics: the greens who believe in destroying the international free trade world order, and the nationalists who believe in destroying the international immigration world order and giving free trade a “national priority”.

So let's break down today's political gravity point:




Views on social welfare

Work should be an option because working people pollute the planet. So we will give everyone a basic universal income, and only those evil people who wish to pollute the planet can engage in for-profit work. For-profit work will be taxed at 50 or 60% (called a labor carbon-print tax) so basically if you work half your paycheck will go to people who don't work but reduce pollution.

Social welfare is abused by immigrants who do not have our work ethic. Immigrants use social welfare money for terrorism purposes.


Furthermore citizens have cheated so much with social welfare that it should be abolished, or reduced to a minimum.

Views on international free trade

International trade must be halted immediately, or very heavily taxed, with tariffs of over 100% for imported goods. Free trade pollutes the planet. Industrial goods should be replaced with alternative “bio” goods.

International trade is good as long as it's fair and reciprocal. We want to trade with responsible foreign governments, not with mafia-like foreign governments who cheat us in international trade.

Views on immigration

Borders are a political notion and immigrants should be welcome. Immigration is the result of climate change and global warming, and people come to us to flee climate change, so we should welcome them because we're the ones who polluted their land.

Immigrants do not have our work ethic and lifestyle, and often bring with them crime, violence, dangerous foreign ideas and religions.


Immigrants also abuse our welfare system and make no effort to adjust or assimilate to our country. Even 2nd and 3rd generation immigrants fail to assimilate, as they tend to intermarry and keep their foreign customs.


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