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Theatrics of Korean security, political and business meetings Theatrics of Korean security, political and business meetings
by Joseph Gatt
2020-01-14 10:32:57
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Yossi Gatt tries to help the South Koreans become world leaders, handle political and security affairs.

Scene 1

Yossi works at Cyworld, one of the world's largest social media sites although a vast majority of users are South Korean.

skmeet01_400Yossi: I would think that we can make Cyworld an alternative to Facebook. We have great features out there. We have a “greetings wall” where people can come in and leave a polite greeting, which does not exist on Facebook. We have a “music playlist” which does not exist on Facebook. We have the “diary” app which does not exist on Facebook. We have a “public chat” app which does not exist on Facebook. We could even add a “movie” and “book” app by partnering with Rotten Tomatoes and Amazon. That would make the profile user-friendly, great for finding friends and getting a more complete picture of the individual. We of course have the photo album and we could perhaps add a “timeline” or “newsfeed” and that would make us very complete. I have nothing against the design, as the “kawai” fever has hit the world by storm. I would encourage BTS fans to sign up, Korean users to be more active, and Korean entertainers to be more active by giving them official pages, that would get the ball rolling.

Mr. Kim: Yossi, go to the sixth floor and get me the report you find on the desk. Now! Quickly! Don't drag your feet you bastard! You son of a dog!

Yossi leaves.

Mr. Kim: This Yossi guy talks too much. Takes too many cigarette breaks. He thinks he's in charge. How disrespectful. I say we fire him!

Mr. Lee: No, no. Let's burn him out! Let's humiliate him!

Miss Choi: He keeps staring blankly at his computer screen. And he just speaks his mind. How rude! He doesn't even have a girlfriend! He must be a womanizer! I'm scared to be around him.

Miss Ok: Yea all women are afraid of him. He talks to women freely like he wants to take them home or something!

Miss Han: Yea, he keeps suggesting we go get a drink!

Mr. Kim: who did he suggest having a drink with?

Miss Han: I'm not sure, but he made it sound like it should be just the two of us!

Mr. Kim: OK we will give him death by overwork!

Scene 2

Yossi is advising Korean politicians on the security issue with North Korea

Mr. Park: Why did Mr. Kwak bring me ice coffee! I just asked for coffee! Not ice coffee!

Mr. Ban: We need discipline here! I noticed you are making too many mistakes! And you need to greet your seniors every morning!

Yossi: Look guys, the North Koreans are playing time to get more money. They are using blackmail tactics and buying time because they know the longer they keep the nukes the more money they can get, that by threatening to drop the nukes. So the tactic I suggest we use is not going crazy on the financial aid offers we give them. Let's suggest small investments and no cash aid, and take it from there.

Mr. Lee: I saw Mr. Jin slouching in his office. How rude! And Mr. Heo did not wear a tie to work today!

Mr. Ban: Who spent 30,000 won at the karaoke last night? What a pity!

Mr. Park: OK No more karaoke. And bar spending limit is 50,000 won. Understand?

Lower-ranking staff: Yes, understand!

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