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Anti-Semitism and cultural lens Anti-Semitism and cultural lens
by Joseph Gatt
2020-01-09 09:52:48
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The main problem with anti-Semitism is this. In Arab nations, France, Korea, Japan and Muslim countries in general, leadership tends to be opaque. Very opaque. In companies, the leader's name is often taboo and can't be pronounced. No one knows what the leader does or if he ever shows up.

So what a lot of anti-Semites believe is that the “Jews” and “Israel” are sort of like that “invisible leader” who no one knows yet takes all the important decisions.

antsem01_400First of, to anti-Semites with this cultural lens, let me say this. At most companies and government agencies in the Arab world, Korea, Japan, France and the Muslim world (where anti-Semitic literature is widely read) here's what your boss does. He will usually have an office, but rarely sets foot in his office. He will usually have a meeting; say on Wednesday mornings, where his deputies will provide a summary of activities. The leader might veto some decisions, might take some decisions. Meetings last 20 minutes to 2 hours, involve little discussion or debate. The rest of the time, the leader will usually be playing golf, tennis or relaxing at a spa with other businessmen. In some cases, the leader will have dinner with other leaders and discuss business among other things. That's all!

But this “absence of leaders” and these “absent leader” figures are the source of all kinds of speculations in those countries. Such leaders, who are often no taller than 165 centimeters, are often viewed as “giants” who have “enormous powers” and “micromanage the company” and “see everything.” Why do people in the Arab, Muslim, Korean or Japanese world view their leaders with such distorted views? Often because almost every decision and achievement is attributed to the “leader.” If I give you an order, it's “because the leader says so.”

The Chosen people means that our monotheistic God chose us Jews to believe in him first. That's all it means. Yet, anti-Semites in France, Korea, Japan, the Arab and Muslim world believe that we Jews are the “self-proclaimed leader of the world” and that people in those countries want to be lead by another people. Enough with the Jews, we want the Muslims to rule the world. Or at least we want to vote to determine which people will rule the world.

People in France, Korea, Japan, the Arab and Muslim world believe that Jews have undue privileges, and decide what gets said in the media and television. Because very often, anti-Semites are glued to their televisions or YouTube, and whenever they see a Jew appear on television, they go like “see, I told you Jews rule the world. Here's one on TV right now.”

Yet those same anti-Semites often know nothing about the banking system (you will never hear them say “it's Jews who decide the interest rates.”) although they often believe that every central bank in the world is controlled by the Jews, except for North Korea and Iran. They would have to explain to me how that could happen, but the problem is those guys know nothing about cash flows.

Finally, there is the prevalent belief that one tactic the Jews use would be to populate Korea and Japan with foreigners and then have them fight against each other. Or make Arabs and Christians fight in France to better control France. Or encourage Muslims to carry out terrorist attacks to better control the central banks and decision power.

Now these are people who have very distorted almost mythical views about what being in power and control involves. They really believe that their CEO is a God who sees everything they do at work. They really believe that their Prime Minister is a God who sees what goes on in their bedroom. And they really believe the Jews are the self-proclaimed chosen people who see what goes on in their living room and bank account.

France, Japan, Korea, the Arab and Muslim world are also nations where, out of fear of their judgmental peers, tend to be very secretive. And these are countries where people tease each other when they find out about their dirty little secrets.

Finally, the major problem I have with anti-Semites, be it in France, Japan, South Korea, the Arab or Muslim world, is that they accuse of Jews of being pathological liars when we truthfully, honestly, sincerely explain to them how we work as a people, and why some of us Jews are successful. So I hope that the last several years I spent under 24/7 surveillance in France, Korea, Japan, the Arab and Muslim world at least proved the point that a lot of us Jews (or at least myself) engage in no foul play when we are successful at anything, and truly want the world to a better place.

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