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Feast On The Rocks Feast On The Rocks
by Saloni Kaul
2020-01-05 11:24:36
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Outcast like farflung rock on which he sits
Most greedily tears open his newspaper
Wrapped castaway  apparent charity
And gobbles hungrily down all the fish and chips
Much faster than that fish eater voracious
The cormorant that in a thirty second dive
Emerges with its prey tight firmly tucked
In its own unmistakably stark prominent 
Bill heavy thickset tip down-curved, consumes
It all perched on the selfsame nearby rocks
And rudimentary posts, and then lo and behold
In stylish tilt adopts a loon-like stance
And swims with back affectionately slapped
By waters, upwardly inclined most unconcerned.
      Then hunger satisfactorily abated
He lackadaisically resigns himself
To newfound fate  settled by circumstance
Of educating his new roving self
With that worn relevantly greasy sheet
That is spread out wrap-like across the rock
Flapping stale months old news quite merrily
And stoutly with relish updating all the world.        
         The breeding plumage whitest head  great cormorant
Docked on this rocky farthest of outposts
Having caught up with him on eating terms,
Matches the broadsheet spread dramatically
Drying soaked wings sagaciously in stunning pose ;
Till with its neck  dark long outstretched  it flies
Low over the water ( bronze scale-like feathers
All upper glistening, hint of bluish underparts,
White cheek white flank patch in relief
Spotted by me newly only when in straight flight )
With regular strong beats in line astern.



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