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What causes the suicides of office workers, journalists and others What causes the suicides of office workers, journalists and others
by Joseph Gatt
2020-01-08 09:09:44
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This article is a reaction to a deluge of articles on why suicide is so prevalent in the K-pop industry.

Suicide, corruption, rape, serial womanizing and murder are fortunately marginal but exist in all industries.

It's not just always toxic subordinate-supervisor relationships or actors or singers who commit suicide. Here are some behaviors that I observed that led to suicide.

offwork01_400-L. was working a very decent job and making a lot of money. But L. also led the high life, partying and sniffing cocaine and engaging in other finer pleasures. L. eventually accumulated huge debt, borrowed money from pretty much everyone he knew. L. decided he had had enough and that he would try a cocaine overdose, and if that failed, he would kill himself. L. hanged himself after downing a bottle of Vodka, owing almost 1 million dollars to banks and friends.

-K. has no pulse control. He needs to spend immediately whatever money he has. K. is also very lazy and despite owning 3 businesses, never works or shows up to any office. K. borrows money, leads a posh lifestyle, and makes his family believe that his businesses are doing well. K. claims to have several homes but is in fact homeless, living in friends’ houses. K tells his friends his stay is temporary and that he is between business projects. K's debt snowballs, so in the final days of his life, K. decides he will party like a rock star for a week before hanging himself.

-A. works for S. company. At S. company, A's boss keeps insulting his family, including his parents, wife and children. S. complains about his boss' behavior but A. gets told that such insults are normal. A. is severely burned out, complains to his wife about the work environment. A's wife tells him that he should man up and go to work. A takes a sick day, but A's wife interrupts his sick day by telling him to show up to work anyway. Seeing no logic in his life, A. hangs himself.

-F. works for L. company. At L company, the use of psychoactive drugs is encouraged so workers can stay late into the night and be more productive. Unfortunately, psychoactive drugs cause depression, violence and incoherent thoughts and speech in the long run, and overdosing on such drugs can lead to death.

-ABCD is from Korea/France/Indonesia/Russia or any country where people are not encouraged to discuss their career aspirations clearly and coherently. ABCD gets a job as a singer/entertainer/receptionist/janitor and finds the job tedious, crazy and strongly dislikes his/her job. ABCD tries to discuss his/her disgusting job with friends/family but no one listens. ABCD is stuck in that rat's ass doing what he/she believes is dirty work and eventually commits suicide.

-Finally, LMNOP falls madly in love with someone. The love is not reciprocal. QRSTUV desperately wants to become a diplomat but keeps failing at his examination. XYZ desperately wants his/her Ph.D. but professors who never read a book flunk him/her. EFG's favorite actor/singer commits suicide, and EFG does the same thing, because he/she wants the same “cool ending.” NMO's parents are control freaks who never let him/her go out and never give him/her money. NMO gets tired of being grounded for life, and hangs himself/herself.

My advice: seek help if you're suicidal, be it because of large debt, addiction problems, a violent environment problem, or other issues. There are legal procedures for those with too much debt, excellent addiction recovery centers, and shelters for those who suffer from violence at home or at work. In sum, any problem no matter how small or how big can be treated, and by asking for help at suicide hotlines you will get help and guidance. Check the hotline in your country, and if your country has no hotline, try your luck by contacting the hotline of another country through the internet for example.

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