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Moonlight Moonlight
by Gordana Mudri
2022-02-11 08:08:29
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midn01_400Did you ever lift your face in the dark, cold night, when your breath makes white steamy clouds in front of your face and the coldness penetrates below your collar; when every being is searching for a shelter and the silence has its sound, sound of loneliness. There is a sky above your weak shadow. Thousands of stars are flickering in this infinity, captured in your sight. You can hear their beat,  the  same one, from time immemorial. And the moon. A pale face of silent companion shines down upon you.  Can you feel the magic?  Can you hear my whisper?

I'm here, right above your shadow, and if you look up, you can see with my eyes. You can capture the same light. We share the same moment. 

I'm sending you my thoughts. I'm holding you in my heart. I'm protecting you like a treasure. If you look up, there are no miles between us, I'm standing beside you, in the moonlight.

A cold nord wind freezes my bones but I can feel a warm breeze from your southern shores. My heart is full of colors, my soul could sing. I'm dreaming about your shiny sun and the light breaks my darkness.  Just look up and you will feel my touch, you will hear my whisper. And here we are, under the same moon, embracing each other in this world full of madness.

Our souls are intertwined in the silence of the night. Your south, my north - wrapped in the moonlight.


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