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A McConnell Rotten ImPeachMent Or A Fair and Just Trial ?! A McConnell Rotten ImPeachMent Or A Fair and Just Trial ?!
by Leah Sellers
2019-12-28 10:41:32
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“But, Sir, this is America. I’m supposed to be able to get a Fair and Just Trial, just like our President Trumpty’s !”

“And just what are you inferring ?”

mitc01_400“Well, I need a Lead Prosecutor who will rig the Jury Pool, just like Senator McConnell. I need to have the Prosecutor and some of his HenchMen and HenchLadies to come over to my Square-shaped Office, and confer with me about how the Trial should go. You know the Rules of the Road and such.”

“And, Sir, I need for them to promise me that there will be no Witnesses that will testify against me or Documents that might show me to be guilty in any way shape or form, just like Trumpty got arranged with ‘ole Moscow Mitch for his ImPeachMent.”

“And I need a Propaganda Machine like FOX News to run my Opposition down to the ground, and lift me up to the high heavens just like any other proper Authoritarian King. I want a Fair and Just Trial ! It’s my Right to have a Fixed and Rigged Trial just like Trumpty’s !”

“And you need to Protect My pseudo Divine Kingly Rights by creatin’ a whole bunch of Half-Lies and Whole Lies that Deflect and ReDirect the Real Truths away from me, just like you do for Trumpty.”

“And if you have to Betray and ruin the Reputations and Lives of any of my Underlings to prove my False Innocence, then So Be It.”

“President Trumpty is good at altering the Truth. He’s spent his whole Life Doing it, and he’s gotten better and better at it over time. And I wanna’ be Just like Him, ’cause just look at what and where all of his Lyin’ and Conniving’ Deceit has gotten him to. The Presidency of these here United States of America, that’s what and where. And if he can Do it and Get By With It then so can I ! What‘s good for the Gander is Good for the Goose, as they say. And don‘t ask me who They are, ‘cause I never met ‘em.”

“Anyways, if President Trumpty is Above the Law, then so are we All ! Can I hear an Amen ?”

“Ahem….hold on, hold on. We the People’s Law Bringers need to take a pause…. A good, long Reverential and Reflective pause.”


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