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Kyriakos Mitsotakis corruption destroys Greece, AGAIN! Kyriakos Mitsotakis corruption destroys Greece, AGAIN!
by Thanos Kalamidas
2019-12-23 09:43:45
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Last July, Kyriakos Mitsotakis was elected Prime Minister in a post-memorandums Greece, promising a new day for a nation that had gone through a financial hell and still hadn't finished with it. He also promised to finish with the anti-market and anti-middle-class policies the leftish government with Alexis Tsipras as the Prime Minister had brought the last four years, often...mimicking Venezuela’s Maduro’s radical policies and diplomacy. Or at least that’s what Mitsotakis often said. Nothing further from the truth, but people were tired after ten years of financial misery and they wanted some hope. Even hope that was based on lies and despite the fact that Tsipras was also elected with a lie. He had promised to finish with the memorandums overnight and free Greece from all debts, that’s what he promised a month before elected. What really happened was that after six months with Tsipras government, a new memorandum was signed and more misery fell on Greece.

kyria01_400Mitsotakis didn't promise to end the memorandums – they actually had finished the year before and what remained was a new financial situation as a result of the debt and the memorandums – what he promised was a better state and financial management. He promised money and jobs for everybody. He promised to end bureaucracy and make sure that the right people with the right experience and education would be in the right place to take the right decisions for the right causes. He also promised an open market, a welcome market in a stable society to the foreign investors that Greece needs so much. But most of all he promised order. No more favouritism, no more nepotism, no revisionism and divisionism. He even made an example of his words with his own sister, Dora Bakoyannis, a known leading member of the party, excluding her from any governmental position while he is Prime Minister.

But Greeks knew exactly who Kyriakos Mitsotakis is and what his first-line party members, ministers to be are, which gives a sense of schizophrenia to why they voted for them. Kyriakos Mitsotakis and his gang of thugs were all part of the corrupted establishment that brought Greece to the memorandums; most of them were actually ministers in one of the most corrupted governments in the modern Greek history, the government of Antonis Samaras. Kyriakos Mitsotakis himself has been accused of bribery by Siemens and his ex-wife’s (present...first lady of Greece) name is involved in the Panama paper's scandal for money laundering. Some of his most trusted MPs, including the vice-president of the party he leads, the conservative New Democracy, have been accused of involvement in the Novartis bribery scandal. Others still carry the dirt from what really happened with the finance of the Athens Olympics and some are connected to the racist, fascist far-right network.

And then Kyriakos Mitsotakis became prime minister and it took less than a month to see his real face resurfing. The first act of the new government was to make sure not that there weren’t any member or sympathizers of SYRIZA in the public services but that all positions were covered from…” our kids” alas members and sympathizers of New Democracy. And while it is true, his sister Dora Bakoyannis was kept away from any governmental position, cousins, nephews, blood and non blood relatives stormed like pharaoh grasshoppers every possible governmental position. That was also the first sign of revisionism and polarized divisionism of the Mitsotakis’ government. Suddenly all Greeks were...with us or against us. Trumpism in its worst possible form in the land that gave birth to democracy.

Of course cousins, nephews and loyal to the party doesn't necessary means the right experience and education so in the first two months we saw people who had made a career in the party but no knowledge at all in anything else to become directors of...hospitals, an eighty-year-old schoolmaster responsible of a municipality hospital then a minister with fake university degrees and another one who barely finished high-school but declared MBAs. A mister who has never worked in his life beyond the party...volunteer work despite his forth decade of age and a few more in positions colliding with their former jobs in the private sector. It is all over again what an EU official said a few years ago about Samaras government; in Greece we have the wolves to protect the sheep.

On top of that the usual bribery suspects are back in the government, the drug trafficking oligarch non-blood relative of the prime minister's family controls the media with the blessings of the whole government and the Chinese are the only… investors again! And while the Chinese government loves to have a welcome door in to EU, Mitsotakis’ government doesn't just give them a door but the biggest port in the Mediterranean Sea. On top of that and when you have all these fake degrees, fake experiences, fake personas and party loyals in control, nothing changes in the state bureaucracy. When you have your own oligarch controlling the media fake news and propaganda rule.

And since people still can think, judge and react the last element of authoritarian government comes to …action, a police force not to protect and serve the people but to protect and serve the government against the people. The violence, the tortures, the humiliation, the unconstitutional and unlawful actions of the Greek police under the support of the government and the party of the new democracy is not unrepresented. We see it in Erdogan’s Turkey, we see it in Modi’s India, in Putin’s Russia, in Urban’s Hungary. In all authoritarian states all around the world and all through history.

Six months later, Mitsotakis’ government can only show corruption, nepotism, authoritarianism, xenophobia, racism, state violence, discrimination and fascist behavior, adding present Greece next to Hungary as the most cancerous countries in Europe.

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Nikos Laios 2019-12-23 12:36:22
Great article Thano!

Alas with a debt to GDP of 181.2% the only way our nation can escape this debt burden is not through any prudent financial management,
But via a debt forgiveness or bankruptcy and start again.

Greece’s governments have been in a mess since the very beginning of our independence; with endemic corruption and family cliques entrenched and learned during the Ottoman occupation as a means of self preservation, and it will be quite awhile before our nation breaks these centuries old habits.

We have skipped reformation and the enlightenment, and went from an Ottoman occupation territory straight to a modern European state, which is a schizophrenia for our nation which will take awhile to recover from, while the ghosts of our great Byzantine and Ancient Greek past is there to haunt us.

Then we have the idea of the EU - whilst noble - economically illogical with its one currency-fits-all, the birthrate is in decline and we have become a protectorate of the northern EU states.

So what is the answer? Certainly not voting in family dynasties or radical leftist governments. Capitalism works, but Greece is not ready for capitalism yet, we’re still coming to terms with this concept and the trauma of our Ottoman and then German occupation, bad governments, communist revolution and fascist dictatorships.

We have survived as a people for thousands of years, have given civilisation to the world and I think we have earned a little bit of patience from our EU friends whilst we find ourselves.

But all we can do at the moment is do what Diogenes did, is shine a torch looking for an honest man , and by articles such as yours to keep the focus on the truth of the matter.

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