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The Boiling Frog Experiment and the Frog King The Boiling Frog Experiment and the Frog King
by Leah Sellers
2019-12-21 11:21:46
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“Cheyenne, what are you up to, Baby ? You’ve been quiet for way too long ?” Cheyenne’s Mama asked lightly from the Living Room.

“I’m Experimentin’ with my Frogs, Mama,” Cheyenne answered seriously.
Cheyenne’s Mama walked into the Kitchen to find her Curious Child standing at the stove jerkily stirring a wooden spoon around in her large copper-bottomed Stew Pot.

“What are you cookin’ up for your Frogs, Cheyenne ?”

frog001_400“Nothin’, Mama. I put my Frogs into the Stew Pot with just plain ‘ole tap water that I am slowly bringin’ to a Boil.”

Cheyenne’s Mama stopped short frowning. “Cheyenne, I have never known you to be cruel. You get those poor creatures out of my Pot right now, Young Lady.”

“But, I’m not bein’ cruel, Mama ! I’m provin’ the Politicians wrong, ‘cause they keep sayin’ that the American Public is like a Bunch of slowly Boilin’ Frogs, slowly bein’ Boiled to Death ‘cause they don’t Realize what’s happenin to them until it‘s too late,” Cheyenne explained.

“I think they’re wrong, Mama, ‘cause Frogs are Smart ! They’re way too Smart to stay put in a Boilin’ Pot of water without trynin’ to hop out of it before anything really bad happens to them.”

“Cheyenne’s Mama peered into the Stew Pot. She dipped her forefinger into the warming water in the Stew Pot full of docile Frogs.

“That water’s getting pretty warm, Cheyenne, and your Frogs don’t look too Aware of what’s happening to them, Hon.”

“Just wait, Mama, when they start hoppin’ around to get out, I’ll turn the heat off, and dump them into the sink and spray them with some nice, cool water. Then I’ll feed ‘em the freeze-dried Crickets I bought for them to chow down on yesterday when you and I went to the Pet Store.

“Cheyenne, what brought this Experiment of yours to your Mind ?”

“Somethin’ called the Trumpian Regime Machine, Mama. It seems that it is chewin’ up our Constitution and its Institutional Pillars.”

Cheyenne, continued to absent-mindedly bump her wooden spoon around her Pet Frogs. “President Trump is busy tearin’ down our Judicial System by makin’ it only work for him, and ignorin’ its Laws. And our Legislative System by refusin’ to respond to any of the Congress’s or the Judicial Systems subpoenas or requests for documents or witnesses President Trump tells not to help our Congress in their Impeachment Investigation. And our Military System by confusing things over in the War Zones and handing all of the Power over to Autocrats like Putin and Erdowan. And our Social System that he has helped to Divide even more with all of his Hate Speak and Deeds. And our Executive System that he is ram-roddin’ in order to hide his many Crimes against We the People and the rest of the World with Putin and his Gangland of Oligarchs, and other Autocrats everywhere.”

“And President Trump is doin’ all of it just so he can be King-For-A-Day, and wallow around in his slushy mud puddle of Needy Greeds and Greedy Needs, and Power Hungry Hubris.”

“”Cause he is a Democracy Destroyer, Mama. President Trump is the Fire under this Stew Pot. He has taken Control over the Heat, the Stew Pot, and everything in the Stew Pot. He is a Climate Change Denier and a Criminal, and he wants all of the Frogs in the Pot to be the same while he plays at Froggy King.”

“Where did you Hear all of that, Cheyenne ?”

“I Read, Mama. I Read a lot of different things in the Papers, and on my Computer, and my Phone. I pay Attention to what all of the Adults around me Say. Even the ones who think that President Trump is a Good King, and don’t mind his bein’ one.”

“Cheyenne, the water is really getting hot, and your Frogs are not really reacting to it very much.”

“Don’t worry, Mama. They will. Just like We the People ! All of the Aware Froggies are already hoppin’ around tryin’ to save our Democracy, and makin’ sure that President Trump’s Toadies don’t make a cruel joke out of the checks-and-balances Institution of America’s Right to Impeach a President who wants to be a King. Trump and all of his Toadies are Dangerous Liars. Dangerous to our Democracy. Dangerous to all Americans just ’cause they want to save their Power, and not be Faithful to their Duty as Public Servants to America’s Constitution, and our Institutions, and our Laws, and We the People.”

“The People who are standing up to the Frog King right now in America are True Patriots, Mama !”

“Cheyenne, the water’s Boiling, and some of your Frogs are floating to the top !!

“Oh No !” Cheyenne squealed as she yanked up the nearby hot pads and grabbed the Stew Pot off of the gas Fire, and ran over to the Kitchen sink dumping all of Stew Pot’s contents out into the sink, and spraying her Boiled Frogs with cold, tap water.

“Oh No, Mama ! Two of my Frogs are dead, and three are hoppin’ around sideways ! Only five of them look normal. Mama, what have I done ?!”

“Cheyenne, when it comes to Living Beings you really need to consider all of the risks and elements involved before you put them in any kind of Experiment or Situation which might Do them Harm.”

“But I didn’t Believe the Boilin’ Frog Stories, Mama !”

“Cheyenne, it has been my Life’s Experience that most Stories hold some grain of Truth unless they’re deliberately twisted to BeCome UnTruths like they are within the Trumpian Regime Machine. President Trump and his Toadies, as you call them, are very adept at making the Truth a Lie and the Lie they create the Truth, because they have made EveryOne Believe their Lies.”

Cheyenne was crying over her lost and hurt Frogs. “I will never Forgive myself for doin’ this to my precious Frogs, Mama. I have abused and misused my personal Power, just like President Trump. How could I have been so foolish ? Look at all of the Destruction I have caused trying to prove a Truth to be a Lie !”

“Cheyenne, Baby, I’ll help you bury your dead Frogs, and we’ll keep a close eye on all of the others.”

“Mama, do you know any Prayers for Frogs ?”

“I’m sure that if we put both of our heads to it, we can come up with a lovely Prayer for Frogs, Cheyenne.”

“Mama, I will never see Frogs or Experiments or Truth or my Personal Power in quite the same way, after today,” Cheyenne said with deep sadness and remorse.

“Nor should you, Cheyenne. Nor should we.”


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