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Happy birthday Ovi! Happy birthday Ovi!
by Joseph Gatt
2019-12-20 10:01:22
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Dear Ovi Magazine readers, staff, writers, passers-by,

Dario Moreno resembles me in many ways. He was orphaned, Turkish, Jewish and something of a global citizen. And in a passionate love song he dedicated to Brigitte Bardot, he sang “il aurait fallut t'inventer si tu n'avais pas existé!” meaning “if you didn't exist, we would have had to invent you!”

That's how I feel about Ovi. If Ovi had not existed, we would have had to invent Ovi. Because unlike other papers where they bug you with structure and format and fact checking and accuracy and what not, Ovi has none of that. And unlike other papers where “you're not allowed to discuss your hunch or intuition unless you're the president's son” Ovi allows us to be ourselves. Speculate all you want on Ovi, just be yourself, be sincere, adopt your own style.

15th02_400Unlike blogging which can get a little lonely, on Ovi, we are part of a bigger community. Some names, including mine, are household names. Others drop in every now and then. Some are one-hit-wonders (meaning they write one article and never come back) while others write for the paper almost daily.

Ovi is the “B type personality” kind of paper. You know according to Carl Jung you have the A-types which are all about competition and being better than other people, and you have the B-types which are more relaxed about their self-image and just want good friendships. B-types don't mind giving away information or thoughts for free (which is what we all do at Ovi) because B-types tend to believe in connecting with other people, sharing a good story, writing a touching poem, drawing a witty cartoon, or pitching an idea that could make the world a better place. Or perhaps denouncing the unacceptable, or sharing our deepest pains and fears, trials and tribulations, or the happiest day of our life.

Ovi is to web media what the kibbutzim were to Israel. We believe in equal communities where we work for a good cause, not for the dough, the bling or the glory. We toil day in and day out, and our ideas and food for thought is harvested by readers who believe in the same causes we believe in. You'll find people who write for Ovi on all sides of the global spectrum, from Conservative Muslims to Radical anti-Trumpists, to pro-Trumpists, to leftists, rightists or people at the center. And they all teach us something.

I'll conclude on a final note. I've discussd the Ovi concept with many people, and many people tell me “oh, it's just blogging, it's just food for thought. It's not like you discover anything on Ovi.”

Let me tell you the truth. I've spent the last 4 years reading some of the world's most “groundbreaking” books, as in “Noble prize winning” books and other influential books. The stuff you find here on Ovi is not a far stretch from what those “Nobel prize winning authors” come up with. The styles and ideas put forward are often similar, and some of the op-eds and poems you read on Ovi don't rank far behind those Nobel prize in literature winners write.

In sum, Ovi is a “relaxed” or “hipster” version of the New Yorker Magazine. True, we don't always edit our articles carefully, some sentences are hard to read, we do occasionally get a few facts mixed up, but then so does everyone else. The New Yorker Magazine also has a well-paid team of individuals in charge of checking facts and verifying the data, so I heard. This means when you write for the New Yorker, you have to provide evidence of your data, which can be a lengthy process.

Here on Ovi we “chip in” ideas and our readers understand that, and that's why they like us. So the New Yorker is more like the philharmonic orchestra and we at Ovi are more like the punk-rock band types. So let's rock' on guys, for another 15, 30, 45, 60, 120 years!

Happy birthday Ovi!

PS. Views are my own and may not be shared by the entire Ovi team of course.
In loving memory of Lino Paparella and Lawrence Nannery, two towering figures here at Ovi. 

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