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Petrol Day Petrol Day
by Nikos Laios
2019-12-17 08:42:12
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They feel and carry
The weight of the world,
I feel and carry the
Weight of the world,
ice_storm_400As they huddled waiting
For the train in the dying petrol day.

The city bleeding
in drains and gutters
With the garbage bags
And broken bottles
Masking the stench.
Sucked souls
Swirling in the drain
With the soap suds,
Seinfeld flickering
On television screens,
Her lips are red
Her lips are red.

My sucked soul
Bled and bred,
Rutted and fornicated
In the dying petrol day
To the fumes and
The stench swirling
With the soap suds
Down drains and gutters.

Her lips were red
Her lips were red,
I had no choice,
An act of defiance;
I felt and carried the
Weight of the world,
They felt and carried
The weight of the world
Huddled waiting for the train,
Midnight, twelve o'clock.

Millions of numbed eyes
And sucked souls watching
Flickering television screens
With their hamburger smells
And pizza stains, abandoned
Dogs and stray cats,
As the orange goldfish
Stared back at me through
The glass bowl;
They had no choice,
I had no choice;
Every act of living
An act of defiance.

Waiting for the
Dying petrol day.


With a digital drawing from Nikos Laios


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