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Teenage pregnancy Teenage pregnancy
by Katerina Charisi
2021-02-21 12:09:22
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Teen pregnancy in the U.S. is essentially higher than in any other country in the developed western world, while Switzerland reports the lowest rate (8 pregnancies per 1.000 teens), and in between, 20 other countries with complete statistics report rates from 10 to 20. Generally speaking, it is a certified fact that the rates keep dropping, but the numbers are still high, making teenage pregnancy one of the most serious public health issues in the modern world.

One of the most important facts about teen parenthood is the result of dropping out of school for the young mothers, with more than half of them never graduating high school. With 8 out of 10 teen fathers rebuffing responsibilities, shaming attitudes and judgmental by parents and closest environment, isolation and/or stigmatization and cutting off future opportunities, an unplanned and accidental pregnancy can become something that can cause serious mental issues to the young future mothers, and their children too.

teenpr01_400Maybe the most terrifying thing for a teen girl is to find out she is pregnant, though this doesn’t necessarily mean that teens are always irresponsible about sex. Things can go wrong, even when all precautions are taken; no method is 100% effective. Providing information about birth control methods, no matter how integrated and comprehensive they might be, is not enough.

A big part of success in dealing with the phenomenon of teenage pregnancy, is not only to add sex education in schools by having detailed charts about birth control methods and rates and numbers and statistics, but also to explain the details, while focusing at the same time on things that teenagers are most interested in: relationships, attention, future opportunities, safety, always remembering that they are children, and the sex education must be designed with what teens actually need, and emphasize to the fact that waiting to have a baby until they are in a more proper age, is always better.

Shaming tactics never helped

If teens need a proper information and a well designed sex education program in their schools, their parents could use some help too. The most important thing when a teen girl finds out she’s pregnant, is to be able to share it with her parents, knowing that they will support her mentally and/or practically and find the best solution together. Shaming and judgmental attitudes and punishment, can only harm the girls and maybe lead them to the totally wrong choices, risking their health, their lives and their baby’s life as well, especially when every issue and wrong info can be found in the internet and social media groups.

Having a child while you are a child yourself, is one of the hardest things to do, but it’s not the end of the world. Abortion is not always the only solution. A 16 or 17 year old girl can actually be a good mother when there is enough support by the family and society, without limiting her future. Still, if abortion is the decision, then this too, must be well considered and seriously taken. Abortion for a teenage pregnant woman needs anyhow a written consent of the parents, and doctors or supposed experts found in several groups of social media or various forums around the web, must be avoided in every way.

Teen pregnancy rates can get to the lowest, as long as nations pay attention to what really works and apply it, according to the geographical location, the social and political situation of the countries, the economy, education and culture, providing not only the ways to avoid the pregnancies but also the successful ways to deal with teen mothers, not stigmatizing or isolating them, but to make it possible for them to not drop out of school but continue their studies and having equal opportunities for their future life.

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