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Smiles Wag Across Your Face Smiles Wag Across Your Face
by G. David Schwartz
2019-11-06 08:19:45
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1 Smiles wag across your face
    and move your lips out of place
2 Trees in the park sanction birds in the dark.
    Trees in the day are a puppies way,
3 Cousin Eddie is not to me
    and eddie nor an Edmund
    but Ed
4 I want and desire fans
    not when I am hot but when I get a touch down
5 Donuts are not that which make you fat
    too too many are when does that
6 A songster with wits
    Can be called a songstress
7 I do think always truth
    of chocolate as well as boobs
8 Ducks fog shouting up the road
    I hope I sure don't hear them explode.
9 Rabindranath Tagore I read and adore.
    Wish I could read more'
10 Chicken and rice is very nice i will shout
    if they cleave the chicken out.
11 Tie knots to hold secure
    that is my stomach I am sure.
12  I have never said and I never shall say I had a monster in law.
    She was good to all. 
13 Her tooshie
    was really rumply
14  Introduction: Hello; Body, fine, thank you
    and conclusion, thank you  for being mine
15 Constantine's  canisters
    were his and just not hers
16 I never lived in Belfry nor the Belfry tower
    Though  I am accused of  it hour upon hour  
17 I have always loved libraries
    It suggests reading towered liberation.
18 You may be amazed is you did learn
    That before or after ion the island he had a masters degree
19 Plunky lips come to grips
    With each lover she is with
20 tousles tears trusts to the toward
21 Nehemiah Jackson felt a bit too flaxen
    tell he drank two quests of gin
22 roses and peaches each stabbed and fall well within reaches.
23  I have always wanted to go to Boston
    but surrey not in the snow.
24 Loyalty to the country not  the presidency 
25 Punctuation poetry is not all that puny
26  Violet violins   complain in the winds
27 Who do you spell your name?
    y    o    u  
        n    a  
        m   e
28 If you like swans or are squeamish don't read the following
29 Swans run in the road
    and when hit by cars they explode
30     I knew a dwarf named art and he was surely artistic
    But not as well or good as his cousin Art
31 Leaning on the bench at the beach, the sea is close in reach
    And Art, from just above sat in the sand to eat a peach
32 Kangaroo kids
    Are afraid of sleds
33 Quick intrusion
    occasionally causes confusion
34 An omelet bar in the back of the car
35  Let us watch the ball roll
    down the hill away from the glow 
End     Gave no thoughts of the above shooing star.
    Because I feel that I have to do so.  so here I go.



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