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Cipher Cipher
by David Sparenberg
2019-11-02 09:41:18
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tempest sky
blood moon
dead earth below

clip01_400aggression violence
ignorance greed

aggression violence
ignorance greed

aggression violence ignorance

black sun
tempest sky
blood moon
dead earth below

In Homer’s 11th book, Odysseus drew his weapon, again he shed blood.  Myriad shades of death rushed from behind the occult arras, slaking ancestral thirst and speaking in frothing tongues of rage, like furious rumbling bursting from urban hollows underground and interior.

The blood became words, the words blood.  The words incarnated, became flesh and flesh long before had become the history of mankind.  Man became earth.  On earth, Man continues to abuse himself and his fellow man.  The earth as Man continues to be abused. Dark in the dread of despair, soullessly exceeding critical mass.

Canto 34
the 9th and final rung

In the frozen waste of a coming ice age, Satan, vacating his judgment seat, recuses himself.  Man ascends the throne, self-proclaimed at center stage.  Not a god or child of a god, not even the son of man, buried in organic excrement and plastic and adhesive muck to arm pits, to nostrils, eyelids and eyebrows, the human form becomes hell.  Hell comes to earth as Man and in her throes with infectious wounds, contagious lacerations and swollen scars, gaping, gasping, protesting, earth storms and quakes in erratic accusations.

Canto 34

From dismemberment of nightmares of all the scenes they had played through and survived, Virgil had gone blind; Dante abandoned all hope, crept crippled and dwarfish with disfigured shoulders, spine and dysfunctional nerves.  The Florentine spied his reflection in an oil slick puddle once and forever.  Bitterly thereafter attacks in fitful antics of St. Vitus’ Dance!

Too late in life’s journey the pilgrims of misguidance, misdirection and misconduct, constructed an inferno bower of halo thorns and omnicidal skulls.  Over the bower the poet whose delight had been to witness cause and effect of punishment wrote in blood with blood-blistered fingers the cryptic terms: Aggression, Violence, Ignorance, Greed.  The cipher to which can be found, repeatedly articulated, in the apocalyptic tragedy of Shakespeare’s Lear: “Nothing.”

Schwarze Sonne: perennial Fascist oath.  Man has always cursed, carried and conspired with personal, inherited and sinister fantasies of death.  Politicized as revenge for the fate of dying: Schwarze Sonne!

black sun
blood moon
dead sky
dead earth


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