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Celestial Serenade Celestial Serenade
by Nikos Laios
2019-10-22 08:49:25
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O heavenly sky,
Let me bathe in
The magnificence
Of your aqua-blue,
celest01_400Dance in your
Cerulean hues;
Embrace me within
The wisps of your
White clouds tenderly.

O magical heavens,
Let me swim with
The stars and float with
The moon as it dips into
The shimmering turquoise
Sea casting glowing reflections,
With my soul gliding peacefully
In the liquid deep languidly among the
Dolphins and the coloured starfish.

Lull and sing me to sleep
With your cosmic ballet;
The gentle breeze whispering
Sweet nothings in my ear
As it brushes the treetops
Refreshing me with its
Cooling touch.

O let me live
In this one ephemeral
And transient night
In love with creation;
Decorated with the
Fragrant and dazzling
Ornaments of the season;
As the doves fly overhead
Lacing the aromatic
Flowers and forests,
With the planets
Hanging among
The stars like

Let me live
For this one night
Free of greed, lust
Blood and death;
Let me be at one with
The world tonight,
You and me
In our celestial

Let me savour
Your touch one
Last time.


With a digital drawing from Nikos Laios


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