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Me, myself and I first and let the Kurds die! Me, myself and I first and let the Kurds die!
by Thanos Kalamidas
2019-10-14 09:53:05
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So, this is it. Trump betrays the Kurds in Syria and the rest of us quietly follow. After letting them do the job, we remind them that after all it is …their country they fight for and off we go.

kurd01_400_01Now the next question is whose next?

Is it going to be Iraq or Greece?

Erdogan wants it all and obviously Trump takes care of the family investments. There is a twin Trump tower in Istanbul, there is none in Athens, in Nicosia or Bagdad. There is no Trump Tower in Sofia either since nobody knows where Erdogan will stop. He has already invaded and attacked Cyprus establishing naval and drilling rights by force inside the country’s legal territorial sea.

France dared say something and Erdogan warned that if EU says another word he’s going to flood Europe with the ISIS terrorists he frees in Syria this minute, murdering the only defense against ISIS; the Kurds.

Who will help Cyprus, Iraq or Greece if Erdogan decides that time has come to rebuild the old Ottoman Empire? Trump? Why? Or silence Europe? After all for most Europeans the EU borders stop somewhere outside their own town. For the rest, as by example Hungary has shown us, there are …walls.

Trump has changed the world and by betraying the Kurds has changed everything forever with no way back. Since the beginning of his presidency he has boycotted in every single way the UN flooding it with a cloud of conspiracy theories that want the international organization puppet of …aliens. He has destroyed faith in every single international alliance including the US-made NATO. And in the end sacrificed USA’s future for his own profit.

This is a new world we live in, a very scary world and the slogan is not America First but as Trumps legacy will have it: “me, myself and I first!”
And let the Kurds ...die!

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