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The shadow man, the lonely woman, the amazing heart, soma on the menu and the elect-rain The shadow man, the lonely woman, the amazing heart, soma on the menu and the elect-rain
by Abigail George
2019-09-30 08:40:21
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(for Mishka and Stuart Hoosen-Lewis)

Ice man cometh, cometh, cometh. You, you never
loved me at all, Julian. I can see that now. How you
found yourself in Natasha's arms, and I watched
how you set me free. The shadow man comes at night.
shad01_400Don't pretend you care about my quiet desperation.
I'm dead, I'm dead, I'm dead but I'll still worship you
until day turns into night. Soma is on the menu and the
dream is dead like gravity. The field is made up of
majesty, Millenia, millenials. I eat Canada. I feast on
soup. I eat my toasted cheese like a slob. Leave this
suburban Alba alone in her Cornwall. She leaves her
son, her daughter, her sin behind in the ancient
wave. You're altogether lovely, altogether worthy, leave
me alone. Leave me alone. Leave me alone. I went for
a swim, and drowned in the sea. She went for a swim, and was
resurrected as ghost, as illusion, as goddess, as

 obsession. You have my name, my soul, my devotion,
 my heart, my law, my mother's life. I m the cat lady, she
 is a freak, look how she adores those animals. They
 give her the only love in the world, her tireless kingdom
 come, her Zion, her spirit comes out in daylight. Sun,
 take your clothes off, I think of your breakthrough performance,
 I think of your boldness, I think you are good like snow,
 the showers of rain, reconciliation, revival, and even
 pain, the events of pain are good. In my hands, in my
 reading hands, you are a beautiful book. Forget about
the past. You don't love me, you don't love me anymore. You're about
 souls now, the needy, the desperate. Tomorrow you'll
 be with her, your wife, and I will die a succession of deaths.
 I'm faded out with the summer, I'm Garbo, I'm teacher,
 evangelist, apprentice. You're in love with her. She's in
 love with you. I could not make it tonight, because I'm

 the lonely woman. My hands are handsome, love, I add
 is a decision. You're the Nile, the Transvaal, the swimming
 pool in post-apartheid South Africa. You are a park, and
 the branches, and restoration. I'll follow you up, I'll follow
you down through God's fire, through His mercy and grace.
I pray, meditate and fast. I pray, meditate and fast only to
be with you. Only to be with you. Take away my sorrow, all
my suffering. You were my calling once upon a time, when-
ever you wanted me. I live, feast ready on your words. But
you're gone. Gone home to paradise, and I'm sad because
you don't need me anymore. I thought you were devoted
to me, I thought you loved me, that you would forever in eternity,
instead you hurt me, you hurt me badly till the end of the
world, the edge of the world with the angels and archangels.
Jesus is with me, culture pulls at me. I follow-up the contents
of the course that I am staying, and the list of ingredients.

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