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Grunts, and Grunting.... Grunts, and Grunting....
by Leah Sellers
2019-09-29 09:09:34
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GrrrrrRunts, are magnificent Grunting creatures.

Grunts are usually perceived in hierarchical societies as Underling-a-lings. Sub-Servients. The Economically and/or Sociologically de-prived, dis-advataged and/or de-praved or All of the afore-to-mentioned, simultaneously (Please, keep them outside our National or City Walls. Keep them on the Outskirts of OurTowns, and keep them mucking our privies and our Stalls).

grunt01_400Grunts are Born to and for Exploitation by their perceived-to-be Hierarchal Betters. Their OverSeers (with Blinders on regarding the true natures of the The Grunts, who are perceived-to-be the Lessers). The Rich (let’s let Freedom for All, but the Grunts, continue to ring-a-ling and ching-a-ling along, singing the discordant looney-tune song, carried by the bass beat of Grunts) are perceived to be Better-in-all-ways due to pre-conceived and very rigid and rule-bound Global Economic Ideologies (and it’s way past time to take another look at, and re-tool, these archaic sociological devices, folks).

And all through time, and the Rhymes and Reasonings of Humanity within and without of Philosophies, Religions, Governmental and Heavenly Principalities and Constitutionalities, Rational Irrationalities and Irrational Rationalities the Common Cosmological Thread of “All Men (and Women) are Equal in the Eyes of God” and “All Men (and Women) are Equal in the Eyes of the Laws of the Land and Humankind” continues to reaffirm itself primarily through Grunts, and the perpetual Grunting of Grunts.

Get whomped in the stomach, and you Grunt. It is an Exhalation of Air which usually extracts and carries with it the re-sounding Sound of a Grunt. The next physiological response is an Inhalation, and some move toward Life Affirming Action. To Breathe, and Breathe correctly, minus of or away from the Original Cause of the Painful Grunt, is Life Affirming, indeed.

We will starve and cage the Children and Families of those running away from lands ruined by Climate Change, draught, and mis-management, and governmental corruption swallowed up within Greed and those Striving ever so hard and cut-throatedly not to be a Grunts.

“Grunt !” go the Enlightened and more Pragmatic, or less Trumpian-Bannonite Propagandized or otherwise Brainwashed members of Societies. (Most of the Grunting comes from Grunts, but there are a Few, within The Few, who truly do have Good Hearts and Working Consciences, who on most occasions will also Grunt when such mis-deeds and horrors are forced upon Others).

But, word is, all around the World, where Dictatorships are rising, and Democracies are flailing, it’s still happening, and some of the Grunts have actually bought into some really Dark Energies in the name of Grunts, and falsely in the name Jesus Christ, HimSelf, who would never Cage anybody or anyone, because He Believed that we are to Love EveryOne, and Love (not Lust), for the most part, is a Freeing Energy which leads to other Freeing and Uplifting Opportunities and Ripple Effects. “Grunt !”

Let’s be Best Friends, and Buddies, and Love Letter-Writing Chums with murderous Dictators, who think themselves Above All Laws of All Lands and All Heavens, and betray and belittle our Democratic and burgeoning Democratic Allies every chance we get. “Grunt !” That was a time for Action. What happened
there ?  “Grunt !”  That mis-step landed due to the InAction of Grunts. “Grunt !”

America has a President that enjoys breaking Laws and Norms in order to make Ching and Bling-a-ling whenever he can. He has calls at Mired-in-Sludgo or Churnberry or within the White House with other World Leaders in which he’ll give this or withhold that if only this or that political opponent can be taken down or this or that financial deal can be made or broken….

“Grunt !” And yet as Awakened Americans struggle for Inhalation, where is the Action of Impeachment ?!

“Grunt !” Boy, is that ever another one in Lady Liberty’s solar plexus !

Will no President after the disastrous Trumpian Age has finally ended itself within a smoldering fire, ever to be held Responsible and Accountable to and for the Laws of the Land, because We the People, and our Legislators simply did not Grunt loudly or enough times ?!

Are We the People, and her Chosen Legislators so feckless ? So Grunt Exhausted ?!

Is this the Future We the People want to hand down to our next Generations ? Are we going to allow Democracy to go down for the count without a decent Grunt and Life Affirming Inhalation ?

“Grunt !………….


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