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Moon versus Manhole
by Tahir Khan
2007-06-06 10:27:04
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There was an incident that took place a few months back of a 10-year-old boy falling into an open sewer and losing his life. This incident took place in Delhi, the capital of India.

There is a statement which was given by the municipal corporation of Delhi just after the boy fell into the sewer and called the military for help, "We do not have the proper instruments to rescue any human being who falls into the sewer."

There is another statement which was given by Dr. K Kasturirangan, DRDO chief of India, "We have planned to send a lunar vehicle to the moon, named “Chandryan”, in 2016."

These parallel statements need comparison, one side municipal corporation do not have proper instruments to deal with anyone falling into the sewer and another side has Indian government planning to send lunar vehicles to the moon.

This is not the first and only incident, in the last few months more than 10 children have fallen into the open sewer or borewells in different locations around the country and most of them lost their life - in most cases the civic authority is unable to handle these kinds of situations and call the military for help.

Another view is that it doesn’t mean sewers are stopping India’s progress but shows India's true picture and how imbalance progress is going on.

In the last few decades, India has noticed a huge rise in GDP and India has spent a great deal on its defense and space programs, while in the same lane India also test fires many missiles and is planning to build intercontinental ballistic missiles. It is also involved in cryogenic engine development, but the another side is horrible.

More than half of the population lives under poverty, illiteracy and do not have proper food, clothes, drinking water and sanitation. Corruption and bureaucracy is at its peak.

These incidents left many questions like what kind of progress is going on in India and what kind of development and industrialization is occurring?

India's present development is only for a few classes and has left its huge population in a miserable condition.

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Sand2007-06-06 15:19:37
The USA presents itself as a well serviced advanced country but people and animals regularly get electrocuted in the street. See: http://lists.envirolink.org/pipermail/ar-news/Week-of-Mon-20040119/016936.html

LL2007-06-07 05:01:09
ouch. I feel for his family.

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