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The Sculptor The Sculptor
by David Sparenberg
2019-09-07 07:44:54
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The old sculptor looks at his watch.  His watch has become his mirror.

scupt01_400Every morning upon awakening and every night before sleep, he prays.  It is always the same prayer, prayed in the same words to Time.

He says, “Master Time, you who set the limit to every life, no matter what befalls me—the wrath of heaven, terrors of the deep, the horror of night—I will endure and cope.  Only, Father Time, do not take the power from my hands.”

The sculptor is a sly old fix.  He thinks he has duped Time with the politics of his words—that he prays twice daily for maintaining flexibility, strength and dexterity.  These are but secondary matters.

The old sculptor’s desire is not to lose the sensitivity of touch and no longer to feel the warmth of a young model’s face, the contours of her body, or softness of her skin.

To the old sculptor, the sensual is the elixir of his art.  It is for this that the artist prays.


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