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Thoughts all along..... Thoughts all along.....
by Saloni Kaul
2019-09-06 07:33:41
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Some precious thoughts all tucked away like treasures,
Attractive sailboats at imagination’s dock ,
To slowly taste and savour, feed upon at leisure,   
As winter’s hibernators tuck into piled stock.
Cast well aside for moments sluggish and slothful
Are those we masticate, take time to digest,
Yet some stir up most inadvertently the wrathful
And we react involuntarily in true earnest.
When time for action’s called we do concede
And all these thoughts allot immediate action;
Slick tabulate to be released in speech, word, deed,
And have our phrased say to appease all factions.
Thoughts chewed upon, tight stored or churned anew,
Give them thought, rearrange, then speak, chip in as if on cue.



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