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Focus Focus
by Jan Sand
2019-08-30 08:22:29
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focus01_400To argue with eternity,
Conceive that patches of locality
Can be extended end to end
To accrue to infinity
Misplaces values of precision
Blurs the qualities of vision
Contemplates with metaphor
To lose befores and afters
And sacrifices preciousness
Of less to more.
Einstein’s time and space petrified
Cannot capture laminations of the instants
That grow to manufacture our existence.
The glowing crash of a lightning stroke
And the angry after shout of thunder
To confirm it failed to claim extinction
Donates life and joy that we persist.
The evanescent scent of salt and sea
That suffuses dancing foams and waves
Weaves moments of unforgettable delight
Captured forever in memory’s enclaves.
To be active and alive is special.
No less a miracle than the universe itself.
Each moment is a glory quite unique
Time crystallized in jewelries of instants
That can endow only wonder and silence
In impossibilities to speak.

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