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Zumba with a Cane Zumba with a Cane
by Leah Sellers
2019-08-20 10:50:30
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It's too hot for a Walk OutDoors
cane01_400So, I’m off to the Gym
To Walk - to Stump around an InDoor Track
Walking around in Circles
Much of Life is like that
Circles within Spiraling Circles
That appear to be Straight Lines
But, hey ! Appearances are EveryThing
Aren’t they ?
We are but Galactic Tuning Forks
Resonating within and without of
Space and Time
Stringy, Spiraling Line by Line
Did I mention that I’m Crippled
Took a long Time to get used to that Word
It’s a Powerful Word of DisEmPowerment
Yes, I’ve got a Third Leg
That I resent
More than half
Of my Spiraling Linear LifeTime
My Third Leg is my Trusty Cane
That I have to Chastise MySelf
Into TransMutating my Resentment Of
Into Gratitude Of
For my Own Good and OverAll Well Being
Aha ! As I Stump around the Track
Faster and Faster
Forcing MySelf to straighten my Back
I am stopped in my Tracks
Upon the InDoor Track
Latin American Dance Music fills the Air
I feel a little Itch
And a Twitch
In My Feet and Cane
I cannot stop MySelf
I am Moving to the Music
A Smile Lights my Face
Another Smiling, Friendly Face spots me
And Welcomes my Crippled Self
Into the Zumba Room
I Stump closer to the DoorWay
I Stump Inside
And impossibly attempt to Hide
In the back of the Mirrored Room
More Friendly Faces Welcome me
Say they’ll Support
And Dance with Crippled Me
The Instructor raises her Arms above her Head
I raise my Arms and Cane above mine
And the New Zumba Song begins
Yes, I’m awkward at best
But I used to be a pretty Good Dancer
Loved to Dance
Music has always Called to Me
Moved my Mind, Body and Soul
I Loved Listening to the varying Beats within every Song
And interpreting them with my Body
Sometimes I’d Dance and Sing
I’d throw my Head Back
Lift my Arms High
And Soar within the Multi-verse
Of all encompassing Sound
Vibrate with it
Feel it Echo within every
Tuning Fork Fiber of my Being
And the Beings surrounding me
With Their Vibrational Interpretations
And Pulsating ImPulses
Of DNA Cellular Memories
Flights of Fancy
Or More Primitive Reveries
My Third Leg - my Cane in Hand
I seek Balance
To my Left
To my Right
To my Center
As I attempt more difficult
Footwork and Swaying Kinetic Forms
Amazingly, as hard as I’m Working and Concentrating
The Smile Still Lights my Face
In the Mirrors surrounding Us All
Smiles are on many of the Faces I Observe
Alas, the Music stops
The Class is over
A Yoga Class awaits outside the Door
Sweating, knowing I’ll pay for every
Hip Swish, Leg Lift and Sway tomorrow
I Thank the Zumba Class
For allowing The Cripple to Join In
And Y’all, “I’ll be back next week”
I call out to them All
As I Happily Stump Away
Down the hall
Fully Alive and Renewed
By my UnExpectedly Spontaneous Day
Of Zumba with a Cane



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