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Women Source of Life: an Art Exhibition Women Source of Life: an Art Exhibition
by Ovi Magazine Guest
2019-08-17 09:24:01
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Women Source of Life: an Art Exhibition
By Ike Ude-Chime
EU-MAN  (The European Union Migrant Artists Network)

Arts is among the strongest medium for change in the society.

Throughout history, we find remnants of archeological findings of artistic impact that abound in many modern societies of today as references to support this.

As society and culture are constantly in flux, they absorb new influences made possible contacts, mostly through migrants, to improve on what they have.

In this way culinary culture, dress culture, architecture, music, visual arts, and more are modified using the newly adapted influences.

In Finland, the signs of adapted influences are not hard to find, just like in every other nation of the world, and these influences help in no little way to beautify the society and make it more dearing to the rest of the world.

For these influences to be made available, we need what I may term; Influence Generators.

 It takes a certain kind of individuals, and groups to supply the tools that will help to generate the process of change, it also requires recilience, patience, and persistent continuity to qualify as an influence generator.

EU-MAN, The European Migrants Artists Network fited very well into the above category as  influence generator. The organization through the recilience of  it's founder, and Chairman, Amir Khatib have made much impact in the arts circle in Finland and around Europe since its formation in 1997, some 22 years ago. The organization over these years have conducted dozens of exhibition in Finland and around Europe, which featured al together over 50 European Migrant artists.

The impacts of these exhibitions has  been quite awesom, considering the huge wave of diversity they potrayed.


amir06_400EU-MAN  recently donned a new cap on Thursday the 15th of August 'Helsinki City Night of The Arts' when it openned the 'Woman, Source of Life Exhibition.

The openning had quite an impressive turnout even considering the fact that it took place on a day the entire city was superinfused with artistic happenings.

The exhibition featured the works of 44 artists, they included paintings in different mediums, carvings, and instalations.

The openning of the exhibition was by JP (Juha-Pekka) Väisänen, a conceptual artist, cum Politician, (PJ is the present chairperson of the Finnish Communist Party, SKP)

In his opening speech, Väisänen emphasized the importance of the exhibition  in the on going debate on good society, the role of the artist and change. He thinks that the best thing about the exhibition is that the works challenge the viewer to want to know the worlds behind the pictures.

Väisänen urges the government of Antti Rinne to increase percentage of funding for arts and culture of the state budget.

(Excerpt from Väisänen's speech)

The Rinne government, which calls itself a leftist government, must do better today, with circular pledges and long-term action to change the situation today. Artists, and in particular migrant artists and their interest groups such as EU MAN, need basic everyday security, salary for the artist's work and funding for organizations.

We artists have a role to play. We need to demand a more prominent place and pay for our work as artists and organizations. I think the role of art is to be like life, enable participation and change the world. The artist's task is also a challenge where everyone has the freedom to define their own work and their goals.

The 44 artists in this exhibition challenge us for a discussion. I dare say that the organizers of the exhibition, the European Union Migrant Artist Network, the curators Saad Al Falahi and Amir Khatib are challenging us, the viewers to ask, until the beauty is just in our eyes.

This exhibition brings information, perspectives and speeches to the Finnish debate, without which it would not be possible without immigrant artists.

The role of the Immigrant Artists' Association in stimulating public debate on good society, human rights, equality, participatory democracy and tolerance is essential. I argue that this exhibition is also a challenge to want to know more about what is behind these pictures. Why a woman hanging on a cross

EU-MAN with this additional cap, has shown that it has no plans on relenting in its goal as stated on their website with the caption – Why We Started:

On a bird's wing, a bird that I have never and shall never see and from a long time, I came to the furthest north, to Finland.

More than a decade and a half and I am still braiding my black hair to be a bridge to pass.

Our worried eyes collected all the love to tell you that we were here, lied, interacted and did… yes, we did that all in a field that is considered the lung by which all humans are breathing; it is the art field, especially the visual art. It is the swing of love to draw the future.

Art is the language that everybody understands, it is like love, I would not say like politics. Our aim in principal was to declare the movement within a third culture* in the arts field; it is a cultural human goal as we are more than 28 million immigrants in Europe and some of us are Europeans by feelings and future. May be we are different from the roots, but branches are in Europe and they will remain as such.

The Woman, Source of Life Exhibition is open from 15 August to 1st September

Currators: Saad Al Falahi - Amir Khatib


Ike Ude-Chime is a Broadcaster/Journalist, a social commentator with special interest in culture, music, sports, and social inclusion.










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