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Contemplating the world Contemplating the world
by Nikos Laios
2019-08-07 07:17:35
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Six am and dogs
Were barking outside,
And the birds started
Chirping and the sun
mosaic_night_400Started to rise,
And a cool breeze
Blew through the window
As a new day dawned.

In the distance
The muffled sounds
Of the whir of cars
On the road
And the clatter
Of a freight train
Travelling up the coast
Hung in the air,
And an occasional
Rooster crowed,
And the blinds gently
Flapped on open
Windows and the
Smell of the nearby
Beach filled my nostrils.

I was floating
In a half-awake state
And peaceful thoughts
Swam in my mind:
Jogging on the beach,
Swimming in the ocean
To first rays of sunlight,
Yoga in a green park,
Reading poetry
On a hammock
With morning

It was the small things
That counted and I
Savoured and relished
Every one of these moments,
And the existential joy
Or being alive
And life flowing
Through my hands;
It was Sunday morning,
And I gave thanks
And I contemplated
The world.


With a digital drawing from Nikos Laios


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