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Summer Breeze Summer Breeze
by Nikos Laios
2019-07-26 07:46:12
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I dream of blue,
Blue Skies
And blue oceans,
Azure waters
Lapping desolate
Island shores.

reflections_400I dream of spring
And green grass
On sloping hills
And cliffs shimmering
With colourful flowers
Bending in the breeze
Dipping into the sea.

I dream of the heat
Of long summers,
And the hot sand
And white-cubed
Houses dazzling
In the sunlight,
And the clanging masts
Of yachts moored
In the bays and beaches
Of Cycladic isles.

I dream of the sounds
Of Greek music in tavernas
Floating over the aroma
Of fresh seafood and salads
And crusty bread,
And the smiling tanned faces
Clapping hands and clinking
Glasses of ouzo to
Dancing feet.

I dream of the lyrical
Halcyon summer days
Of my past and yearn
For those yet to come,
And treasure memories
Of happy days kept
In the storehouse
Of my soul that
Sustains me
In my dark days.

I dream of the
Memories of love
And passion
On summer days
When we held each
Other tenderly,
With the sound
Of the ocean
And the chirping birds
Floating in through
An open window
In the morning light,
With the fragrant
Aroma of flowers
Hanging in the breeze;
And I smile at the
Thought of the bright
Tomorrows yet to come.


With a digital drawing from Nikos Laios


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