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Imerovigli Imerovigli
by Nikos Laios
2019-07-09 09:01:24
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The light is
More beautiful
When it dies,
When it fades over
The horizon
And leaves an

imerovigli01_400The sun dies
Every day,
And darkness
Comes and covers
The sky and the stars
Twinkle in the heavens
Like beacons racing
Across mountaintops
Heralding a new dawn.

Then faint wisps
Of crimson and gold
Light rise in silence
Over the horizon
And illuminate the clouds
And falls on the still
Wine-dark sea,
While a single fishing
Boat chugs cross
The caldera filled
With the catch
Of the day.

The light is
More beautiful
When It dies,
And the darkness
Majestic when
It comes,
And I witness
This miracle
Everyday from
My balcony
At Imerovigli,
And on Sundays
I hear the church bells,
And the white-cubed
Cycladic buildings cling
To the clifftops glowing.

santorini_by_night_400In the afternoons
A cool wind blows
And the flowers
Bend in the breeze
Like a ballet
And the canvas
Awnings flap
In the silence,
And I hear
The clip-clop
Of donkeys on
Narrow cobblestone
Paths that hug
The clifftops
Over the sea.

Time passes
Slowly on Thera,
And I think
That I shall
Never leave;
I shall be like
The lotus-eaters
And forget about
Time intoxicated
By the island’s
Ancient fruit.

I shall stay
Here and grow
Old and learn
Its secrets
And whisper
Them in the
Breeze every
In the dying


With a digital drawing from Nikos Laios


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