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Making money in the stock market Making money in the stock market
by Joseph Gatt
2019-06-27 10:37:26
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If you really, really want to invest in the stock market here's my advice. Take it as the advice of a buddy you're having a beer with, not a financial expert.

The best way to make money in the stock market is by looking at the demographics. At least that's the safe way. The main problem is raw material prices tend to fluctuate, so even when you think you've put your hands on a good stock the value can go up or down despite good demand because of fluctuating raw material prices. But if you want to try your luck, here's what I would recommend.

stock01_400-The baby boomers. There's a huge demographic of baby boomers in Europe and North America. They are retiring, are mostly in their 60s and 70s. They are a huge demographic. They tend to get a lot of tooth extractions, tend to start having anxiety problems, tend to be prone to heart disease, heart burn, neurological disorders, cancer, arthritis, in some cases need to be diapered or on a wheelchair.

So any company that sells medication to cure those old age health concerns, wheelchairs, hearing aids, old age diapers is almost fail proof.

-The healthcare business: again because old age is a dominant demographic, and older people need operations and health checks, medical equipment, medical gloves, stethoscopes, medical beds, dental equipment, hospital blouses, needles, and any medical lab equipment are all in demand.

-The Mormons: the highest birth rate states in the United States are Utah, Idaho, North Dakota, South Dakota and Nebraska, followed by Texas. Because Idaho, ND, SD and Nebraska are smaller states, you want to focus on what brands are being sold in Utah. Utah has a high birth rate, so you want to find out what brand of diapers, baby food, towels, pillows, baby beds, beds, bunk beds, cereal, bicycles, stationary, baby formula, clothing brands and food products are being sold in Utah. Now Utah is a conservative state, and the brands being sold there are different from those being sold in the rest of the country. You can do the same with Texas, although Texas has a somewhat lower birth rate and lower standard of living.

-College students and recent college grads: The demographic for college students and recent college grads has exploded in Europe and North America. But the brands they use vary from place to place. College grads are broke, but do have their consumer trends.

One thing college students need is a phone and laptop, but brands are so varied and change so much with time that you don't want to invest too much in those. One thing college students and college grads tend to do a lot is look for jobs, so you want to find out who the parent company is for major career portals in each state. Another thing college students and college grads tend to do a lot is pick up hobbies and sports, and they tend to engage in the hobby or the sport long-term. So you want to check out sports gear and sportswear companies, along with all the fantasy game and role playing game industry that has been springing up, including video games, card games, and games being played in alleys.

-Other less significant demographics: the sex industry has been booming, mainly because of delayed marriage, the high proportion of university students and young professionals, and the overall atmosphere. So you want to invest perhaps in condoms, STD-related medication, contraceptives, and when you have sex you need clean underwear, so lingerie and underwear.

The travel industry is growing, but the travel industry is a little tricky. The transportation business is hypercompetitive, so you want to look more at travel kits, sunscreen, sunglasses, flip-flops, hiking shoes and the like. You also want to look at food poisoning medication and any medication that cures overexposure to the sun.

Finally, more and more people are not cooking meals at home, and the restaurant demographic is growing. Restaurants need different type of kitchenware, so you want to look at all that frying equipment, all those restaurant kitchen ovens, bakery ovens, larger stoves, large pots, pans, toasters and so on.

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