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A Celtic Romance A Celtic Romance
by David Sparenberg
2019-06-01 08:28:05
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cwltic01_400A Poet of the Glen came to a high rock and sat atop it, with quiet sheep feeding around him.  He looked out over land and lake and called out to the spirits of land and lake and the spirit of sky above.  He said:

“I, Sean of the Glen, request the gift of the golden tongue of poetry and the staff of power, to part waters, subdue the forces of darkness, and disarm the Watcher of the Lock at the Gate of Eden;

“that I might sing the story of the world, break the hold of evil on human hearts, untwist the twisted, befriend who is lonely, and feed honest souls with milk of the Earth and the Honey of Heaven.”

Wind breathed softly through spring grass and softly rocked the boughs of budding spring trees.  Ewes and lambs grazed quietly in the light of dawn.




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