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Love of Dandelions Love of Dandelions
by David Sparenberg
2019-05-19 08:27:55
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I do not know many Japanese words.  I know Hello, Good-bye, and Thank you.  I also know the Japanese for Love.  Two vowels, in English: AE.

dan01_400I went out to a mountain.  I stood in a solitary place—a vertical space.  Trees, but not another human being as far as I could see. 

Nearby were scatterings of dandelions; many already gone to seed. The seed-head of a dandelion is a collection of Zen monks; a gathering of Sufi—feather-form seeds waiting for the winds to transport them.  Children delight in blowing the seed-fluff apart, wishfully releasing into the world, like blowing out of candles on a birthday cake.

Looking at the dandelions nearby, I was struck by their beauty, suggesting a morphic kindship with far away nebula.  (Does this comparison contain a cosmic truth, or is it but the nature of the human eye?  Or simply, poetic imagination?)

A feeling of appreciation spontaneously welled inside me; the feeling ripened.  I spoke the two letter Japanese word for love, making my presence, my participation, audible.  I said aloud, “AE.”  I spoke again, repeating louder this second time: “AE” (Love). Elongating and breath-fully drawing out each vowel:  a third sounding, with longest “A,” with longest “E,” “AE” -Love; loudest yet.   An OM sounding: AaaaEeee!

A sense of being here, engaged, embracing and embraced, in a good and elemental way prevailed.  And I lingered.

From this was experienced freedom of conscience as a condition of being human.  From this was experienced peace of body and mind.  I let the mountain enter my consciousness and connect deep down with archetypal geography and myriad storylines.  I invited the seeding heads of dandelions—those unpretentious common “weeds” of natural excess, humility and secret purpose—into the heart chamber of my memory collecting soul.

Arigato—Thank you!  AE—Love.


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