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Old Age & Death Old Age & Death
by David Sparenberg
2019-05-09 08:43:45
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Why do death-thoughts come around
when recalling
the tender warmth of a woman’s body?
Must every flower be fragile?

Why does aging happen
when remembering
the glow of a child?
Was it necessary for that light to vanish?

oldTo become a human being
is to make peace with suffering.

A person prays
for the little self to awaken Self.
A longing for completion
is the dream that holds us;
yet the ordinary
would teach us the art of letting go.

Bound in dimensions of roundness
may no coin be missing
from the treasury of memory!

Imagination’s magician performs
from a dairy of ambiguity;
after prolonged interpretations
good and evil are transcended.

Those familiar
gather with smiling tears 
in respect saying, “She
was a dignified woman” or
“He had the gentleness of a man.”

Perhaps after time’s crucifixion
(not in forgetfulness but forgiveness)
not a single jot of love is lost!


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