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Seeding Seeding
by David Sparenberg
2019-04-10 09:27:02
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In what follows, the word “I” is often used.  Let’s remember, “I” is part of a word pair.  The other half of the I-word is “You.”  There is the given and the understood.  In the economy of words, “I” and “You” equate with “We” “We” does not always happen, but “We” is always possible.  Whatever is given expression desires to be received.  Even the most eloquent, revealing soliloquies of Shakespeare were written to be heard by an audience.  Let’s get started….

Look over here.  See me. Here I am.  I am a human being.  This is a dangerous declaration.  Yet notwithstanding, I wish to give new definition to this being human.  I wish to declare something surprising in humanity—as humanity lives and grows and reaches external expression through me.

seed0001Look, you can see the outward terms of who I am; as I can take account of the outward terms of you.  This is a start for us, and it is important that we remain focused for our interval together.  It is common value that speakers make eye contact.  That is an indicator of respect and some measure of respect accompanies civil recognition and discourse.

I wish for you to understand that I am a seeder: seeding is my intention: it is what I do, what I am attempting here to do with you. 

I enter the world and plant myself as presence and as a creative dreamer in the erotic fertility of creation—in the Eros-in-the-world of being human.  I enter the space before you and plant myself in the common-ground and mutual condition of existence and ambiguity of each of us and in the now, flowing in moments, between us.

A seeder looks toward a horizon; looks between here and there; and looks toward tomorrow.  Seeds to actualize potential require duration.  What does a seed contain? What will a seed grow into?  Growth is process and happens over time—years, expanses and transformations of time.  There are patterns in seeds and patterns are Gestalten, figures in process, becoming, unfolding; and a seed comes into its fullness through cycles, carrying purpose over seasons.  Creation is a magnificence of origami: opening, folding, unfolding again, on and on.  True!

Yet I am here.  I am in this present-presence, an active actual of the moment.  This can be good, my good and my good to share; if I embrace and offer it.  If you embrace and embracing becomes possible and sharing integral in a revelation between us of being human.

I have a need and an abundance of tears.  The world as I find myself in it is a conditional cause of tears.  More tears than I would welcome if only the terms of existence altered; became more honest, empathetic and caring than conditions are.  Which is to say, less violent, aggressive, broken and breaking of dreams; treacherous and betraying of life’s need for dignity and decency.  It is tearful and often tearing for a conscious, thinking, feeling person to cope with the preponderance of human ignorance and cruelty, and how we choose to live in self-referencing artificial extensions, far removed from the metamorphic flow (and glow) of natural balance, inspiration, wisdom and harmony.

I have a need and hungering of the soul for laughter.  Laughter is an outburst of delight and I never have enough and am ever longing for more.  Do you agree with this?  The longer we mourn for the wrongs of the world, the more we become spontaneous with the funny ways this and that slips into life’s constant flow to tickles us.  Injury and waste and underneath injury and waste ecstasy and renewal!  A marching boot crushes a flower and a flower lifts into light.  A serpent strikes and a bird with a song that defines its relationship to air circles the sky.

In my hands, wait, let me show you, are collected some of the living gems of the Living Earth, of life here, where I am, where you are. Seeds of life, of what is “being human,” what is to be repented, overcome, changed and what yet possible; the longed for, the hoped for, the dreamed, and the yet to be shared, this is what is in my hands.  By opening, I give.  Whether I am young or old or you are old or young, whether female or male, Caucasian or of Color, does not matter much in the life of tears and laughter.  These qualities, unless destroyed by malignant normalcy or systemic oppression, are species common.  Seeding matters and the nature of what is sown.  That which feeds or that which poisons.  What from seed grows, how it becomes, blossoms and in turn seeds again into the wide world, into the future of the human condition.

When I say “I” and include you, I can say with some certainty that we are not who we were.  Nor shall our kind be what we’ve been, if we, the seeds of humanity, are to be at all.


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