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Cousins Casually Repeating the Repetitive Rhymes of History Cousins Casually Repeating the Repetitive Rhymes of History
by Leah Sellers
2019-04-01 08:19:09
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“A Penny for your thoughts,” Linda Lou said to her Cousin, Janet Lee.

“A Penny ? In this day and time of over Inflated Inflations ?” Janet Lee laughed.

“Okay, I’ll make it ten dollars,” Linda Lou quipped amusingly.

“Now, that’s more like it. Okay, you twisted my arm, so it’s your fault for wading into deep waters, kiddo. Just warning you,” Janet Lee replied.

“You go right on ahead, I’ve got my wadin’ boots on, and a life vest under my arm, just in case. I can handle a little choppy water,” Linda Lou said with a little less mirth and a little more friendly concern.

Janet Lee grinned, “Well, Linda Lou you may be in for a bit more than a just a little choppy water. This may feel more like an unruly Water Spout by the time I’m though flappin’ my jaws at you.”

“Go ahead, give me your best head winds. You’ll be surprised at what these old ears and heart can take,” Maybelle said more seriously.

“You and Bill are Republicans, Linda Lou. So, I’m giving you fair warning, some of what I have to say, you are not gonna’ like hearing,” Janet Lee said.

“Oh Lordy, why out of everyone in our Family, did you turn out to be a socializing’ Democrat ?” Maybelle sighed.

far001_400“I swear Janet Lee, I don’t know how someone like you could be one.”

“Well, I do love Socializing. That’s a fact,” Janet Lee teased. “And besides that, if you’re gonna’ run around labeling me like that, then I say I’m in good company, because Christ would probably be labeled a Socializin’ Socialist if he’d set foot in today’s World.”

“In fact, I’ve long wondered if the folks who came up with Socialism didn’t just borrow the Ideals of Christ and then just turn around and politicize the Beatitudes and Christ’s Loving and Healing Deeds to make them more palatable to the World as a whole, because Religious Differences become immediately and deeply Tribal, and have been the cause of some of the nastiest Wars and absolutlely horrible Treatment of Others more than most any other organizations on Earth.” Janet Lee added.

“Girl, that is blasphemy !” Linda Lou exclaimed.

“You think so ?” Janet Lee asked. “Well, I’m sorry you feel that way, but I’ve seen more folks stop thinking for themselves, and turn themselves into a Personality Cult Zombie overnight, than I care to remember.”

“Is this what’s really bothering you, Janet Lee or are you just trying to get my dander up ?” Linda Lou asked exasperatedly.

“No, I’m not trying to upset you, Linda Lou.” Janet Lee said apologetically. “I’m just very concerned about the direction our Great Nation is taking.”

“What in the world does that have to do with Christ ?” Linda Lou asked quickly.

“Everything,” Janet Lynn answered mildly.

“Please, explain yourself,” Linda Lou said seriously. “I’ll shut-up and just listen.”

“Well, I was remembering the Trip Overseas to Europe that Dad sent Mom and my Three Sisters and I on for a month some years back….”

“You mean Uncle Hal didn’t go with y’all ?” Linda Lou interrupted. “That’s unusual.”

“So much for you’re being quiet, and yes, you’re right it was unusual, but I was seventeen, and had just graduated from high school. I thought that it would be a grand way to spend the summer before I started College. I didn‘t give anything else much consideration in all of the excitement of our preparations for the Trip,” Janet Lee answered.

“I didn’t find out until some time later that Dad had sent all of us abroad so that he could have the girl, who was pretty close to my age, that would eventually became his Second Wife, out to Our Ranch while we were traipsing all over Europe,” Janet Lee confessed.

“While we were gone, Dad and that girl romped around in Mom and Dad’s bed, rode and skied around Lake Sommerville in Our Ski Boat, rode Our Horses, Pet Our Dogs and Cats, had Mr Josziwak feed all of Our Livestock and Chickens, and Peacocks, and Guinea Hens, and Ducks….”

“Alright, already. I’ve got the picture,” Linda Lou said peevishly. “I’ll declare, I had no idea that Uncle Hal was such a gad-about.”

“That’s putting it nicely, Linda Lou,” Janet Lee sardonically.

“Anyways, when we were in Germany, the Sweet Lady who had sent us Holiday Cards since forever, every year, Frau Felder, had asked us to drop by and spend some time with her at Home.”

“Frau Felder had rented Mom and Dad the top half of her house when Dad was in the Air Force, and stationed at Ramstein Air Force Base.”

“My Second Sister Marie was born in Landstuhl, Germany, and I got to ride in my first airplane at the ripe old age of one,” Janet Lee explained.

“Frau Felder treated my Mom, who was twenty, and had never been out of the Country before, like one of her own Children. And she really liked Babysitting me whenever Mom and Dad would go out with their friends.”

“And I had always written letters to her whenever we sent Holiday Cards to her throughout the years, that I tried to pepper with German words and phrases every now and then out of curiosity for her language and courtesy.”

“Anyways, when we got to her home, she had all of her Grandchildren come over with her Son and Daughter’s spouses, and we all had a wonderful time. And they showed us some very special places throughout Germany that we probably would never have known to go and see, if not for their guidance.”

“At night, Frau Felder insisted that I sleep with her so we could ’talk and giggle like two silly girls’. And I am so glad that she wanted to get to know me better, because I learned a lot about what happened during WWII through her eyes and experiences.”

“She must have been pretty old,” Linda Lou interrupted.

“She was. She was in her eighties when we got to spend time with her. It was one of the reasons that Mom had been so excited about the trip. She had wanted to see Frau Felder one more time before she passed.”

“Anyways, I learned that She and her Husband, over time, had been against the War, but were too afraid to go against the tide when Hitler and his Henchmen really took hold of the Government.”

“She and her Husband were very devout Christians, and had nothing against the Jews, whom they saw as God’s people from which Christ had sprung. And they had nothing against all of the folks that the so called True German People began to abuse, vilify and ostracize.”

“She said that Hitler was a Good and Charismatic Speaker who fed his Audiences what they needed to hear. And Germany was hurting and struggling to recover from WWI, the punishing War Reparations which had been doled out to them, and a wrecked economy.”

“She said Germany was ready for a Hero to Save them, like Christ would Save the World. But Hitler was a Hero of Rage filled Grievances and Brutal Vengeance. And once the War Drums began to thrum, and the Soldiers began to fill the streets, and then draft her Husband into the Nazi Army, it was too late to turn things around.

They were caught up in a Dark and Destructive Energy Vortex of No Return dressed in glorious and seductive Heroic Myth, Music, Art and Prosperity for Some. For the Chosen, Tribal, Germanic Few.”

“Frau Felder said that Hitler came along and that his lofty and plain spoken Words and Ideas gave the German People a sense of Pride, Importance and Purpose once again. That he attached their Endeavors, Successes and Excesses to those of the Ancient Mythological gods and goddesses, and War Heroes of their previous and past Germanic greatness, and a seemingly booming Economy.”

“She said that Hitler made them feel like a Chosen and Superior People born to Succeed, Conquer and Rule Over the Second Rate hordes of the World.”

“She said the German People were hypnotized by Hitler’s propaganda and the pageantry of his roaring and colorful Rallies, where Chants and Symbols and Uniforms and Flags and the Power of the Crowd drove her people to a Divine Madness and straight into Hell.”

“The saddest thing of all for Frau Felder was that News didn’t travel as quickly or reliably as it does now, and her Husband was killed just a few days after the War had Ended, because the folks involved in the battle did not know that the War was over.”

“How awful !” Linda Lou cried out.

“Yes, it was. And Frau Felder never remarried.” Janet Lee said softly.

“I learned so much from her about how Chancy and Precarious Life can really be at times. Those men, Germans and Americans, killed one another, and her Husband died when the War was over. Was over, Linda Lou.”

“It made me see the pointlessness and real cruelty of War. War, no War. Today you’re my Enemy, Tomorrow you’re Not, because some men bent over a piece of Paper called a Treaty says we’re Not. Here Today and Gone Tomorrow on the back of a missing Word of News, a Quirk of Fate and one group bumping into another group in the middle of a War torn forest. One Mis-Step. One Mis-Take. And Boom ! One Reality Ends and Another Begins. ”

“Take the guns out of their Hands, the grenades out of their pouches, the Tribal Flags they kill one another under and over, and they could have become the Best of Friends. Frau Felder‘s Husband would have Lived and come Home to Her and Their Children to Live out the rest of their Lives in some kind of normalcy and stability.”

“All of that lost over a Fluke of Timing and a Mis-Understanding of where the rest of the World around Them was, and They, tragically, were not.”

“The War was over, but not for them, and Lives were forever Changed and Pained.”

“Whew, Janet Lee, honey, you are depressing me something awful.” Linda Lou said sadly.

“I warned you, Linda Lou. I’m in choppy waters right now, because the War Drums are thrumming and your Con Man Humpty-Dumpty-Trumpty is the Lead Drummer being led by Folks and Treacherous Energies all around him and Us and within His Vengeful, Insatiably Greedy Self that he is not even aware of or really in Control of.”

“Anybody ever tell you that you think too much ?” Linda Lou asked lightly.

“All of the time. My Daddy always told me that I thought about things too much and asked too many Questions, and that most Boys did not find that to be an Attractive Attribute in Girls. That I needed to hide my Intelligence, and become more docile, quiet and ladylike.”

“All I heard was that he wanted me to be Somebody Else that I wasn’t, and could never really ever Be,” Janet Lee said flatly.

“You’re Daddy was a Hiney-Hole !” Linda Lou proclaimed loudly.
Taken aback, Janet Lee laughed out loud and said, “Well, I guess we can all be Hiney-Holes from time to time. But some Hiney-Holes are just made to be bigger than others. You ever notice that, Linda Lou ?”

“Honey, I almost got swallowed up into one a few years back. You are talking to a Hiney-Hole Officionado !” Linda Lou guffawed as she gave her Cousin a much needed Hug.


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