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What the Climate Crisis is About         What the Climate Crisis is About
by David Sparenberg
2019-03-30 09:19:11
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Listen: it isn’t about me about ego and it isn’t about you your property income taxes but about EARTH about life about spirit and grandchildren about seven generations and seven times after that about the full spiral circle of planetary life with its shrinking diversity of species and the corrupting atmosphere but the circle goes around circles undulates comes back and is about you your priorities and is about me my priorities about our priorities and truth looks into our eyes together and whispers and asks in rough edgy tones

climat001_400what are you doing what are you not doing what are you yet willing to do to end war The War the general war the great war the war to end all wars the war that never ends the war between men and men the war against women the war against children our species war against nature threatening to eliminate otherness to end and to extinguish exterminate choice chance every possibility - some are going to say defensively or aggressively

hold on! wait! the problem is not manmade the nature of things are what the nature of things are – being things but turn turn do not listen they lie they are lying twisted in lies and lying is a labyrinth built over death a maze – eyeless earless walls surrounding a sinkhole to keep truth out a bottomless abyss – but you you and me this we of us a tribal union we have chosen simplicity and the humble courage of rainbow-warriors the Love-Way of green troubadours resurrected shamans Orphic spellcasters the Great Spirit Avatars – the ancient and the ageless


our sojourn meanders on crooked paths of mountain sheep delights along footings of fallow deer and merriment-wonder and into the blue channels of singing whales how marvelous miraculously the whales sing!  even down down – down to the silent meditations past mermaids deep to the om-depths of ocean octopi telepathically reaching out
signing to our ancestral bones body fluids our DNA telling us the grand opus design is alive – alive still all alive the green dragon of the universe cosmic uroboros awake dreaming and breathing primal fire into our desperate hearts and into our mythic heads naming original names calligraphed naturally within concentric rings of oxygen-trees onto tablet-seeds of confessional stones into the weathered wisdom cyclical of lands the Land on clouds the clouds EARTH hypnotic Erotic Earth the motherland fatherland Home 

Place places - real places played in worked sustained cherished (besieged) places where sanity returns (make it so) where peace is made (make it so) where life is possible love Love’s cradle rocking: End Earth’s Climate Crisis
Face our Human Crisis



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