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Modify your body, paint your soul Modify your body, paint your soul
by FREE! Magazine
2007-05-18 07:56:00
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A decade ago, having a tattoo was still a freak thing mainly considered to belong to rock stars, sailors, ex-convicts and soldiers of fortune. Nowadays, if you walk around on a sunny day, you can experience in a few minutes a wide selection of tattoos and piercings of all shapes, sizes and locations.

The body is used as a new form of artistic expression. Our skin is nowadays not only for wrapping up muscles and bones, but also a way of expressing our way of life and our own identity. And tattoos and piercing are just the first step in a wide variety of ways to modify your body: bifid tongues; scarifications, which appear as drawings on your skin; the possibilities are endless. You set your own limits.

There are a bunch of colleagues that take this search for experimentation on their own bodies to the limit, creating at the same time a beautiful and weird show for the bravest audiences. They are called Circus Mundus Absurdus and have just been performing in the USA. Now back in Finland, they told us the secrets of playing with fire, and not getting burnt (much).

What better place to showcase tattoos, piercings and other body modifications than a summer festival? In this issue we give some tips on the most outstanding music festivals in Finland. This year there is plenty to choose, indeed. Big names are coming and several festivals overlap. It seems that the sleeping bag and tent are Modern Finland’s summer cottage.

But before the madness begins, Mailmaa Kylässä – World Village Festival will transform the city into a crossroad of cultures. The festival, held on the 26-27 May in Kaisaniemi Park, is “a meeting point open to all presenting cultural treats and surprises from all over the world” and “a place to encounter new viewpoints on tolerant multiculturalism, development work and globalization”. And our magazine will be there, of course.

Find our stand there and meet and greet the FREE! Magazine team. You will find some surprises. Join the party!

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