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Etched In Black Ivory Etched In Black Ivory
by David Barger
2022-07-31 07:53:58
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The beginning is a cracked egg shell
With yoke dripping from the frail
Limbs connecting human form,
And the ever present spirit of everlasting,
                                Everlasting aeonian.
The first minute of life changes everything,
Everything given with that first breath
Jointed in conjunction of repetition;
Constant exhaling and inhaling
Of anything not natural for man
To link within his liquid clustered dust.

The second minute of life changes everything,
Everything boxed up in stereo equipment
Hoping the record doesn’t skip,
Or the compact disc gets scratched,
Or the MP3 player is microwaved by the sun!
The beginning is marked on parchment
Stamped and signed with legalistic measures
Regarded towards latter years for taxing.

Yes, the beginning is remembered well
Knowing what we now know of material financing
In the marketing sculpted lethargic world.
No matter what is taught in society,
No matter what is thought in hierarchy,
No matter what is dreamt by aging minds
Tomorrow is sealed in cobwebbed glass fixture
With words etched in black ivory
                                 The end is inevitable.



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