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Awaken Awaken
by Bohdan Yuri
2023-03-09 07:18:40
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What was he thinking
when he stood across from her.
the children were sleeping upstairs,

he was their father, she was his wife.
she asked him to leave,
he wanted to stay.
it was a long time
since they’d had love.
he was loaded,
ready to burst,
reason on hold.
again she asked him
to leave.
are you with some guy,
he asked.
no, she answered.
come on, let me in,
I need you,
I love you.
you know you’re the only one.
the doorway held the key,
all he needed was one step inside,
one step to let him in.
no, she insisted.
he pulled it out:
six shots, she was dead.
the children were AWAKEN.



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