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Traces on the wall Traces on the wall
by Amir Khatib
2019-02-09 09:42:32
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trace01_400Oliver Whitehead is an English artist who lives and works in Helsinki, Finland for long time. His work challenges and provokes the viewer with his delicately search for traces. Traces of memories and our presence in time, the little things we leave behind without thinking about them, the things we don’t try to recall. A fingerprint in something insignificant which later can become a memory connected with a something equally insignificant event of our everyday life that in time takes different dimensions.

Oliver leaves his “traces” everywhere; on walls or a piece of paper. In his resent exhibition in Helsinki, “Barely Visible” Oliver presented photo collages, charcoal drawings and paintings in a blur touch of memories. Things that affected him in daily base without becoming part of his being. Christmases photos, pictures of war and vintage adverts all blending in a constant succession of good and bad memories.

Some of these pictures have somehow stuck in the back of my mind and I think they will never go and actually Oliver success in something I stirringly believe about art and artists, the artist has to make a strong impression to the viewer mind and remain there as a reference.

Oliver is a film producer, a poet, involved in all kind of arts. He came to Finland in eighties and he is still active enjoying and challenging contemporary art and viewers. A strong person with strong will of live, 

I loved his work, traces on the walls of the gallery literally traces on the walls. Figures we see everyday and we never notice, we actually don’t care for them and Oliver made me notice them and care. They were indeed …barely visible but I saw them and they remain with me doesn’t matter what.

And that is what art is all about.


Oliver Whitehead



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Egle2019-02-12 10:33:03
The site-specific work Oliver did on the gallery wall was so intense that we saved it though a conservative technique.

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