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The Spider is Back
by FREE! Magazine
2007-05-11 10:13:47
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Spider-Man 3
Directed by Sam Raimi
Colombia, 2007

Spider-man comes back to the big screen and surely, this is one movie that most of the comic fans do not want to miss. Between the sometimes annoying perfection of Superman and the gloomy dark side of Batman, Spider-man gained the hearts of legions of admirers that have followed his adventures since 1962, when Stan Lee found the inspiration and Steve Ditko created the visual atmosphere that would transform our arachnid friend into the agile and dynamic figure that has prevailed today.

Maybe many of you did not know that before this original appearance, Stan Lee dismissed the design for Spider-man that Jack Kirby initially drew. In this first design, that was never published, Spider-man was heavier and with more muscles, and instead of acquiring his powers because of the radiation, he could get his amazing powers carrying a ring. Ditko's ideas prevailed.

Marvel did not believe in the success of the new hero, and the first adventures were published in a magazine that was going to be imminently closed. In August 1962 Spider-man's first adventures were published in the magazine Amazing Fantasy #15. More issues of the magazine were published and the readers quickly identified with the new hero and asked for more. The result: the first issue of The Amazing Spider-Man was published in March 1963. The rest is comic history.

The first appearances of Spider-man in films date back in the 60s and have nothing to do with the enormous budgets of the Sam Raimi's movies. The first adaptation is an amateur movie directed and performed by Donald F. Glut done in 1963 in which Spiderman fights Dr. Lightning. Three years later, the first commercial Spiderman was done in Turkey (Örümcek adam, 1966). More popular were the tv movies and series in the end of the 70s.

Thanks to Sam Raimi the series went big in 2002. It was the first film of what it is expected to be a series of six. And what can the spectator expect in this third Spider-man film: Well, amazing new enemies such as Sandman and Venom, the extreme beauty of Kirsten Dunst as the red-haired Mary Jane, and overall the excitement of watching Spider-man dressed in a black costume fighting against his most powerful enemy: his dark side.

Written by By Klaus van Persie for www.freemagazine.fi

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