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Legitimacy of Kashmir struggle of independence.
by Ovi Magazine Guest
2018-10-06 10:09:23
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Legitimacy of Kashmir struggle of independence.
Tahir khan

The Kashmir is one of the beautiful and strategically located valley with abundant natural resources, at present 2/3 of Kashmir in occupied by India and 1/3 in control of Pakistan.

Kashmir struggle of independence was started before formation of India and Pakistan. Kashmir neither part of India nor Pakistan from it’s beginning, moreover Kashmir is one of the oldest unresolved dispute.  Struggle of freedom movement was started in Kashmir since 1931 by Abdul Qadeer when Kashmirs were united against the atrocities and hegemony of Kashmir Dogra ruler but at that time Maharaja of Kashmir crushed the demand of independence forcefully and 22 of Kashmiri were lost their lives in it.

kashmir01_400During October 1947, ruler of Kashmir maharajah Hari Singh made a pact with Indian government and merge Kashmir in India without concern with Kashmiri and this was completely against the Kashmir homeland.

India government blatantly occupied Kashmir without any hesitation and without any cultural, linguistically or religious affinity with Kashmir just to gain strategic gain over Pakistan and china and later crushed the demand of separate homeland in brutal way.

Kashmir always a hot spot between India and Pakistan they fought many times on it and from beginning India is not paying any attention to resolve the Kashmir dispute in proper manner with it’s neighbor Pakistan, moreover use Kashmir dispute to gain political mileage in it’s own country.  Recent years India repetitively denying international demand of Kashmir referendum and also forcing the UN to abandon Kashmir dispute.

Indian politician quit succeed in confusing the world communities and own countrymen in various means, but the issue of concern is that first Prime minster of India Jawaharlal Nehru himself legitimize the Kashmir struggle of independence, in one of his statement, given in Constituent Assembly of India on March 5, 1948 he said.

"Ultimately there is no doubt in my mind that, in Kashmir as elsewhere, the people of Kashmir will decide finally, and all that we wish is that they should have freedom of decision without any external compulsion".

To justify occupation of Kashmir Indian government had made  promise with a separate homeland for Kashmir but this was just a political ploy used by Indian politician to prevent detachment of Kashmir from India and after formalization of Indian militarily grip on Kashmir India turned away from it’s own promise of Kashmir homeland and changed it’s tone completely and later started refuting Kashmir as an integral and non-divisible part of India.

Indian govt ruled over Kashmir by hook or by crook they go whatever extent they go from divide to rule to carrot and stick policies for example on demographic basis  they divided the Kashmir into three states,  introduce article 370, install favorable puppet government, subsidies, jobs and even terrorize people by supporting fake terrorist groups but they still unable to formalize their grip rule over Kashmir and nullifying the Kashmir independence issue. Even Indian government instigate Hindu minorities against the Kashmiri and made Hindu a victims of terrorist rather then Kashmiri, just to hide Indian army atrocity and deviating the world attention over Kashmir freedom moments and branded Kashmir freedom fighter as a terrorist to justify it’s armed action against them.

Another hypocrite stance of India is that they supported Bangladesh Mukti Vahini by all means during 1974 war against Pakistan in bifurcation of eastern Pakistan and they justified this action due to it’s cultural and linguistic affinity with Bangladesh and if Pakistan doing same tactics in Kashmir against India due to it’s same affinity with Kashmir they adopted rhetorical mode with  Pakistan and blamed it’s neighbor Pakistan as a terrorist supporting nation.

The Indian government done almost everything in last 70 years in it’s brutal military occupation on Kashmir.  More than one lakh of Kashmiri lost their lives by the hands of Indian army and this number is increasing day by day.  Thousands of Kashmir are missing or in Indian jail struggling for their life. Recently Indian army introduced pallet guns against the stone pelter and blinded hundreds of youths. India crossed all limits of tyranny and atrocity against Kashmir in crushing the Kashmir but they failed miserably in suppressing the Kashmir struggle.

The worrying factor for India is that the liberation of Kashmir will eventually lead to balkanization of India and will be a great loss for Indian government on political front because Kashmir consider as a India’s pride and crown of India and this is quite clear India is not willing to leave Kashmir anymore and ready to go whatever extent they will go or how much price they will able to pay for occupation of Kashmir under the name of war against terrorism.

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