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The Master And His Palimpsest
by Jan Sand
2018-10-02 08:43:10
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I do not know who I am nor why.
I scribble seasons on the earth and sky.
I prescribe the heat, cold, wet and dry
And watch seas, winds, shells of earth, comply.

san001_400Molecules combine, compounds arise.
The gelatines of life that crawls and flies
Arrange themselves in every sort of guise
Procreate, transform, meet their demise.

I delight in changes in their forms.
There are no goals, desires, no norms.
Equality to me are humans and worms
I give them both sunshines and storms.

Some would ascribe to me direction.
But things I do have very small connection.
I deal through serendipitous complexion.
Happily, I lack introspection

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