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Leave or let go
by Katerina Charisi
2018-09-30 08:48:54
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When you let something go, they say it leaves you too. And you believe that ...until you find yourself for the first time thirty long years later, riding a bicycle. Because you have a grandkid that needs to learn. And maybe your knees creak and hurt, and maybe you did once let go of it... But it didn’t.

You let your childhood’s dream to go when you had to get a job. You let it go …it left you too. That’s what they told you, that’s what you learn to believe. Until many years later, your rusty fingers touch the keys of a borrowed piano. And with all doubt inside you, the forgotten melody flows in your mind... And your fingers follow confidently. Maybe rusty, but they follow. You did let go of your dream... But it didn’t.

leave01_400You still remember the last time you danced. It was a warm, summer night. Next to a black wave, under a sky full of stars. How many years since then? You can’t remember anymore. But you do remember the music. Remember the steps. I can’t dance anymore, you tell me. Is that true? I ask. And then you stand on your feet and you show me how to dance. You don’t miss a single step... You did let go of it once, believing it left you too. But see? It is there! It was always there.

Just like her eyes. The eyes that haunted your mind and engraved your heart for ever. The love that never held up. The love you let go because it was wrong, was too soon, was too late. And in every pair of eyes you look at, you search for those same eyes. No matter if you think you once let go of something, all you see in the end is that it never went away.


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