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Power Song - Number Two Power Song - Number Two
by David Sparenberg
2023-03-05 08:09:49
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Song that remembers there are tides
Song that remembers there are orphans
Song to the heights of tree, beyond trees to the heights of clouds
Song to mountain summits
Song to the mists and greens and roots of valleys;

Song that names the lonely, that remembers generations forgotten
Song that calls and cries and sends forth greetings to the forlorn and forsaken
to the falling and the fallen;

Song of rainbows and of seasons—of oceans and of seasons
Song first sung among ancestors
Song that holds life precious—Sacred Song
Song of courage and of laughter
Song that cannot be stopped
Song that is mortal but eludes death
Song to be sung from rooftops, in meadows, at cradles and gatherings hereafter;

forest01_400Song of powers once were
Song of powers through lovers come ‘round
Song of crystal, song of water, song of fire, passing on from me to you
Song to be given to children
Song to be taught to outcasts and orphans
Song of avatars, song of warriors, song of flowering children;

Everywhere out over the Earth-song
Everywhere out across the sky
Song that is sun’s liturgy
Song that the changing moon recites
Bardic Song, song of pilgrims and pilgrimages, of passages and faces;

Song that is sung by Buddha—Buddha Song
Song danced to by Christ in the cosmic round dance;
the same song of renewal
the same song of resurrection
Song never departed
Song forever returned
This song that Rumi chants in the electric tavern of ecstasy
This song
from the rose bleeding lips of Juan de la Cruz
This song
from the eternal palms of Saint Francis
This song that I pass to you in passage;

Song of heritage
Song of legacy
Song sung
out over the Earth – song sung
across the sky;

Song for all in need of shelter—nourishment and shelter
Song for all in need of caressing—embraces and caressings
Song for all in need of cleansing and of culture
Song for all in need of kissing—Kiss Song: touch
Song that bestows many blessings
Song never owned by any, belonging to none, open
to all
out over the Earth
across the sky.


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