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Experiments High Jaunt Experiments High Jaunt
by Saloni Kaul
2018-09-28 09:07:27
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Experiments High Jaunt

And with that absolute intrinsic essence flowering
Each sonnet brims with reveries to read.
All ready high to fly, each line that sings assuring       
Contains a lifetime’s wholesome fill and feed.
With utmost ease of minstrels leisurely
Strolling through some wide open garden gate ,
Lyrics of song committed are to memory
Lapped up as though what is sung were in fact their fate.
Music welloved plays in the mind and haunts ,
Affects us skin and sensibility ;
Yet we’d ever be keen to launch experiments high jaunt
With most immediate groundbreaking novelty.
Bring on the reassuring old from which we learn
But see that today’s novel elements rightly earn.


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