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by Jan Sand
2018-09-24 09:35:37
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The crack of dawn
Through which dreams
Leak away is
durato001_400The whip sound
Of necessity
Which drives the day.
You cannot flee
Serendipity that roars
To free the creatures
That scurry out of dust,
Out of rust that may disgust
Simplicity, complicity
With necessity. The pulse
Of impulse cannot be denied
Whether the brain, or the gut
Nudge the fudge of indecision
Is of small concern.
The turn of time stirs what occurs
Into fate that must collate
The crash of trash to decorate
The future with the past.
No need to heed what seed
Might sprout of what turns out.
What is is. The fizz of continuity
Blossoms into perpetuity
To shove away another day
Which dies in bloody sunset
With regret or relief.
One day is brief, a minor thief
Of time to forget.

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