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Ukraine: A Return to the Original Flashpoint?
by Bohdan Yuri
2018-09-25 08:18:24
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While this country is mired in the Trump buffoonery we pay less attention to the forces that are changing the way the rest of the world functions. All we know is that China, Iran, and North Korea are bad unless Trump says they're good. Our Allies are bad and Russia is our friend, no, make that our BFF.

Meanwhile, Russia is playing the field like they own it....and they do! The proof is everywhere.

ukr01_400After mopping up in Syria, Putin's next adventure will probably be played in a battle-ready return to Ukraine and that unfinished business. And the man who will lead that effort will be the same one who blasted the separatist forces for not advancing further into Ukraine in 2014. His name is Igor Girkin.

If Igor Girkin, aka Strelkov, returns to Donbas as is being reported,  I think the West should be prepared to expect some kind of military action, perhaps even an offensive move, possibly towards Mariupol and Kharkiv. Russian support may even intrude into Ukraine from Moldova and Crimea. The scale of the actions in Donbas will probably be tied to the appropriate election's outcome.

In any case, the military plans and stage are probably already being set. Equipment is steadily being moved into positions, in Donbas and Crimea. The command is all that's needed.....unless some kind of counter moves will be made by the West (Trump) to make this "unprofitable" for Putin.

Whether Putin proceeds, succeeds or not, in his goals is still unpredictable, much will depend of the West's aggressive stance against it. But so far the West has allowed Putin to run the table throughout his sphere of influence.......and Girkin is the key to Ukraine now, just as Manafort was the "immediate" tip off to Putin.

In fact, today's news that Girkin might return to Donbas hit me with the same impact as when I'd first heard about Manafort's joining the Trump team. ( I mean really, Yanukovich's consultant/advisor! Who couldn't foresee and understand the ramifications from the beginning? How Red did that flag have to be?)

And that's the problem, it's always there, the proof.  People only have to believe the obvious and then act accordingly. Unfortunately, the present day reality of Truth has been turned into a betrayal of common sense and logic.

In his later years, my Father, John, saw that there is still no remedy nor justice for many of the crimes committed through Power, Hate, and Greed. His Father, Jacob, was a policeman, who died in the line of duty before my Father was even born.

Through the years I'd watched my Father's defense of freedom and justice until he realized in his later years that it still just didn't make any difference anyway for the honest common man.

"So What!"......the frustrating years had set his tone with these words as his mantra near the end. He was giving up the fight because "they" were still winning and would always continue to win.

Now I'm approaching that same age and I'm seeing what my Father saw. Hard to admit that history still keeps repeating its mistakes and that nothing has really changed, sometimes literally.

Just as Hitler had annexed the Sudetenland, so has Putin annexed Crimea. Also substitute Franco for Assad and there's your civil war, prior to the next big war? Will it re-ignite itself in Ukraine as it becomes the next "Poland" invasion? It might...

Throughout his presidency Trump does this and that.....says, this and that, and is systematically destroying Democracy.....And throughout it we've all been saying to ourselves, "So What!"

We've all known and seen his lying buffoonery from the very beginning, it's what we still see over and over but,................So What, we're getting used to it anyway.

So then, what's the difference even knowing? Trump's still the President! And he's had two years in office to already harm this Democracy.

The scarier part is what Putin is getting away with right in front of our eyes. We can see it all! 

And yet, "So What!".................See what I mean?

The question now will be: What will Trump do, or not do, if Putin advances deeper into Ukraine?

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