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How you can disrespect ...yourself
by Amir Khatib
2018-07-03 04:44:19
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This is the second time I travel with Pegasus, a Turkish airline company; the first time was when I went to Baghdad early this year. We travelled from Stockholm to Istanbul, and everything went smoothly and nice.

We were treated as expected like fellow humans; everybody aboard the plane, especially the crew was smiling and dealing with us nicely. They even kindly apologized when one of them happened to hit you with the food trolley by accident. To make the long story short, they were very …European kind with us.

lukum01_400But then I had to take a different flight to Baghdad therefore there was a waiting in Sabiha Airport for about 3 hours which was fine and somehow joyful because the Turks wanted to show us their hospitality even treating us with traditional lukum.

After testing different kinds of lukum, my favourite part of the day, had my coffee in one of the restaurants when a beautiful girl came to ask me in Turkish something I didn’t understand of course; so I apologized to her from the depths of my heart that I cannot understand Turkish and soon I found myself by the departure gate.

We went inside the plane and none of the crew stuff to welcome us, none of them to answer questions or perhaps help us while the few that were there were trying to …teach us how to sit down! I laughed – what else could I done? - and said to my self: “what a wonderful world we live in.”

Before the plane took off some of the airhostess started shouting at an old Iraqi woman. Again perhaps she had her reasoning but then again why shouting to an old woman in Turkish, a language she definitely could not understand and what remained was the shouting? I have no answer.  I tried to talk with that airhostess quietly in English. I told her that the poor old woman did not understand doesn’t matter how loud she shouts. She rudely ordered me to tell her to …sit down.

Ok. Fine, we are going to …Baghdad, and that excuses every kind of behaviour. Baghdad is the capital of a no country, Baghdad is the backyard of Turku, Baghdad does not behave herself, not with the Americans, not with the Iranians not with the Turks. No problem, I will be a guest in the country where I was born and grew up and I have to …behave myself during this trip.

Until reaching Baghdad, we al deal with a lot of Turkish dispute and disrespect. I became full of anger with this behaviour. I was ready to explode my anger screaming or at least stating spitting their faces, but I kept saying to myself: keep calm, you are a guest and what a wonderful world….

That was somehow a unique experience to me and I swore by all things that I will NEVER going to travel with this airline again in my life even though I have learned to never say never with life often taking us to places we do not wish to be.

A week ago I made a reservation to go to Istanbul, it was by KLM airline this time and that means that I have to go to Amsterdam first and then to Istanbul. I do not want to talk about KLM because they respect people as should they be respected. The plane from Helsinki delay for an hour, they sent us messages the night before, and when we arrived to the plane in the morning, they really apologized for more than one time, and that was not enough, they made an offer for all of us, free breakfast and open bar to drink.

Waiting for the next KLM flight to Istanbul, there was a long waiting time, but …no worries here, I am like at home, I am in Amsterdam for 5 hours, I had time to take a nap and enjoy the great and wonderful airport.

When the time came that I have to go to the gate, I noticed that the airplane was …Pegasus.  Oh NO! That is bad; I do not like that company, but what to do? It was some half an hour only. One thing I should add is that I did not notice in the announcement that the plane was Pegasus; sure that nothing could change the security I felt with KLM.

Ok, I have to go with them but I swear THIS IS THE LAST TIME. All passengers in the plane, but the plane do not move. They start to demonstrate safety instructions and other stuff that they have to, constantly coming and going and coming without a word, No information. Half an hour pass and they are still going around and no one says anything about the delays or anything anyway. An hour went and the plane moves, as to start taking off and everybody in the plane feels relieves and smiling most of them Turks.

The plain took off and when they switched the seat-built signs off, I felt my anger having build u to the point I felt obliged to go to the one of the airhostesses and ask her to announce an apology for all for the delay and lack of information. She said: you are right. 

And that is all what I personally got, I am right. What an ironic situation, what disrespect to all passengers, but I said to myself, no problem they are Turks and they consider me …as one of them.

Lukum is a Turkish delight sweet


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